Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend getaway - Part 3

What you see here is a coconut custard, known to be one of the best in Thailand and many people surely buy this home if they pass by the province of Cha Am. Think slightly crispy caramelized top with sweet eggy custard below infused with a fragrant essence of coconut. Delicious.... but what if your search for this custard brought you to....


And this?

Our initial plan was to end our weekend getaway in Ampawa Floating Market, which we heard is most beautiful in the night, but a brochure led us to MaeKimLung, a bakery which has a decently huge garden beside its shop.
I have told many people that Thailand is a place that is full of beautiful flowers, and you do not have to pay huge sums of money to go to China or Europe to see them, but I always thought the most beautiful flowers are up North, during the cold seasons. However, this has proven me wrong, as we witnessed some really gorgeous flowers 3 hours South of Bangkok in the piping hot summer.

Rit and me.

Li Li and me together with the highlight of the entire place, the sunflowers!!

Our one day getaway out of Bangkok comprised of an early morning trip to the Floating Market, spending an afternoon at a un-commercialized beach painting clay figurines and enjoying fresh seafood, and ended with a search for the famous local dessert at a garden full of flowers. All in a day's work!
Having spent my entire life in a place where there's nothing more to do aside of watching movies and shopping (ok, I can now gamble for free too as I am not a Singaporean), I have to say that Thailand has been a breath of fresh air. Work has its fair share of frustrations, but I know in my heart that this country has been extremely good to me so far in most aspects, and it gives me a better close-up view of God's wonderful creations.
We cannot predict where life brings us, but we must be confident that we can survive in any situation and make the best out of it, which is what I am trying to do now.
Therefore, while the red troops are planning for their next assault in Bangkok and the riots drawing to another (anti-)climax tomorrow, I am starting to plan my next weekend getaway.......

Anyone wants to join me?

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