Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekend getaway - Part 2

Violence has erupted in Bangkok immediately after I left. In spite of me being able to stay out of trouble easily in Bangkok, I have to admit that reading the news everyday has been extremely disturbing and I would be lying to myself if I said I was not worried that it would get worse.

Therefore, I am really grateful that the Songkran Festival has come. It's a timely one-week break for me to sit down and free my mind from work and the political strife, which I really am not accustomed with having spent my whole life in Singapore. Anyway, as I said before many times, life goes on, and I would need to return to Bangkok next week whether or not the protests have ended by then.

Ok, enough of my sharing, now back to the good stuff. Part 2 of my weekend getaway - Damnoen Saduak Floating Market! Well, most people would directly associate floating markets with Thailand, so I would not elaborate much more on this. Let the pictures do the talking.
After going about taking pictures in the morning, we realised we woke at 6 to rush to the floating market and did not have breakfast. It's not something to worry about though, even if you are stuck in a small boat on a river. Help is always on the water.
See, they even make sure you have the condiments to make your kwayteow as tasty as you want them.
Naturally I would like to give my travel tip again. I believe that most floating markets in Thailand are now quite commercialized. Still, though I am not overly impressed or overwhelmed with it, I think floating markets are a must-go in Thailand as it's not easy to find anything else like it. Feel free to buy any food and drinks at very good prices here, but please, unless you cannot control yourself, leave the souvenir shopping to Chatuchak Market when you get back to Bangkok to prevent grossly over-paying.
A sneak peek into part 3 of the weekend gataway...................

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