Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stranger in Bangkok starts making soup!

Haven't updated my blog for a couple of weeks, because there's nothing much to write about. I have been busy arranging the moving of my home and office at the end of this month. Other than that, I haven't really been out of Srinakarin Road at all.

That said, it's been a heck of a few weeks in the region. Thaksin's chiobu baby sister guided her Pheu Thai party to a landslide victory here only to immediately appear to turn their back on a few of their promises, Malaysia witnessed their historic rally on the 9th of July (the people have spoken!) and the Tans have become the new Lees in Singapore in their bid to become the next President.

My wife has arrived and since she isn't enjoying the best of health, I decided to be a good husband and prepare meals for her as often as I can. Besides, I finally purchased my rice cooker after 2 long years, so I made full use of it to make no less than 5 healthy soups to date.

Radish soup with pork

This is not a normal radish soup, it is a radish soup that will make all grandmothers proud, yes, that includes YOUR grandmother! Aside of the usual radish, pork, red dates and goji berry which you can clearly see from the picture above, I have 2 secret weapons for my soup.

Entire pork tenderloin fillet
Ok I agree that the picture above looks a little suspicious, but this is not some dodgy part of the pig, but the tenderloin fillet (梅肉). Using this in place of the usual spare ribs gives the soup an extra irresistible porky fragrance and more delicious meat to savour. I prefer to place the whole fillet inside the soup and only slice it at the end to serve.

Dried squid head!
 The second secret ingredient is dried squid head. I prefer not to put in more than just the head because this is not lotus root or pig trotter soup. I would't want the dried squid to overpower everything else, but having just the hint of its flavour gives the soup an extra oomph and makes it all the more wholesome.

So I have evolved from being a 1-baking tray wonder to a 1-rice-cooker house-husband. To all my readers who have a fully-equipped kitchen but refuse to even fry an egg, I hope to be proof that as long as we have good ingredients, we can live with our limitations and churn out simple, healthy and (most importantly)delicious meals with no hassle at all.
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