Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Ellie's Book of Jokes Vol. 1

The wit and humour of the little one at home. Photo Credit: Ohtography

Love You One Hundred
"Daddy, I love you ONE HUNDRED!"
Me, "then what about mummy?"
"I love mummy INFINITY!"

Because I Love You
We were walking to the BTS station when Ellie asked for my to 抱抱(carry) her.
"Ellie, are you tired already?"
"Then why do you need me to carry you?"
Pulls me down and whispers in my ear, "Because I love you."

Afraid Of What?
"Ellie, are you afraid of Daddy?"
"Hah what?"
"Are you afraid of Daddy?"
"Afraid of what?"

Make You Lonely
Ellie came out of the room and closed the door behind her.
Noah opened it soon and asked, "Ellie, why did you close the door?"
"Because I want to make you lonely."

Impromptu Bedtime Poem
I slept with the kids early last night,
My wife then joined us, to my right,
Pushing Ellie further wide.
The little girl woke up and cried,
"Daddy! I'm falling down the side."
"Ellie Ellie," I clarified,
"Just lie down close by my side, 
And hold on to me real tight.
I'll make sure you'll be alright."
"Ok," she said, then she slept tight.
All the way till morning light.

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Monday, June 10, 2019

Noah's Food-Discovery Journey at Gaa

During this year's Songkran holidays, I brought my family to Gaa, marking a significant milestone for my kids as they enjoyed their first meal at a Michelin-star restaurant.

Being all-inclusive and family-friendly, Gaa prepared a kids menu that revolved around a pasta with cream sauce and the crowd-favourite burnt coconut sugar soft-serve.

A couple of weeks ago, Noah suddenly told me he wanted to go back to Gaa. When I asked him what he wanted to eat, to my surprise, he said, "Beef taco and crispy leaf!" Gosh, totally unexpected, because these were not part of the kids' menu, but bits and pieces of the real deal which I let him try that evening.

A bulb lit in my head, and I moved on to plan a man's night out with my boy to lead him through a journey of food-discovery at Gaa, making sure he gets his leaf and taco with only 1 condition: "Kid's menu not allowed".

And so it begins.  A bit under-dressed for the restaurant no? Sorry for that Gaa.

Drawing his comic book while waiting for action to start.

Still happy, not knowing what's coming.

After long deliberation, he managed to drink some of the chilled guava soup, but when the duck course got served he quickly got super distracted by the crispy betel leaf, which was 1 of the 2 dishes he came for.

Playing with the duck beak after happily downing the duck tongue.

And downed the first takoyaki of his life, with the help of a lot of water to douse the mild fire in the spiced duck stuffing.
The beef taco quickly came (taco lovers look here), he ate his and most of mine in a hurry.

As Chef Garima said, "He's the first guest in Gaa who doesn't like the corn." Yes, asking him to eat the corn brought him nearly to tears. He managed a few tiny nibbles, but thankfully wiped the corn milk clean with a spoon, not all bad!

New dish! Quail breast and leg served with pickle. Delicious, but the quails are tiny! Noah ate this dish!

Looks like the pork has been re-integrated into the menu.

Didn't like the things on top but LOVED the pork.

Even though I failed to convince Noah to like corn despite bringing him to a place which serves arguably the most delicious corn dish in the city, our boy's night out turned out to be a highly-enjoyable one, and one that definitely opened his eyes to a whole new world of food.

I would hereby like to thank everyone at Gaa who were extra kind and understanding to Noah, and chef Garima for adjusting the menu slightly to make it less daunting for the little one.

Where did Noah learn how to make that little heart? 

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