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Singapore Food in Bangkok: The Ultimate List

It's been 2 years since I started my "Singapore Food in Bangkok" series, and I believe it has helped dwellers in Bangkok satisfy their Singapore food cravings to no end. Honestly, it's a challenge making Singapore food sexy in Bangkok. No matter how authentic the food is, the really great restaurants I know serving Singapore food have all had to overcome a lot of obstacles in the last couple of years to get to where they are now.

Therefore, I feel it's appropriate for me, someone who spent 28 years in Singapore then 7 more in Bangkok, to consolidate all these worthy places in 1 post, for the convenience of everyone interested.

1. Chuan Kitchen

Chuan Kitchen's story is one of trials and tribulation. It even had to close before being taken over by a local family, but now, wow, it's bigger and better than it has ever been.

Stranger in Bangkok's thoughts:

This is one of the success stories of Singapore food. It's located far away from the city, near IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, and is patronized mostly by Thai families. Its mix of Singapore food, affordable and high-quality dimsum, chinese-style sharing dishes and now, good coffee from a designated barista corner ensures everyone in the family gets a good meal, oh, and a good photo too. It's run by a Thai family as we speak, but I can confirm that the food remains the same, if not better.

Stranger in Bangkok's favourites at Chuan Kitchen:

- Bak Kut Teh, soup and dry (Malaysia herbal style)
- Hokkien Mee
- Laksa (Katong style)

2. 8 on Eleven/Champion's Sports Bar

Owned by the same group that runs Ping's group of restaurants, Tatsumi and Champion's Sports Bar, their excellent Singapore food is currently served at 8 on Eleven and Champion's Sports Bar.

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Stranger in Bangkok's thoughts:

It might be a peculiar place to eat Singapore food when you enter 8 on Eleven, but remember that the kitchen is the same one that churns out the popular Singapore food buffet at Champion's Sports Bar, as well as frequently caters for major National Day Events for the Singapore-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Singapore Club of Thailand and Singapore Embassy. Nothing much can go wrong if the food can pass the taste buds of the Singaporean community here.

Stranger in Bangkok's favourites at 8 on Eleven/Champion's Sports Bar:

- Hokkien Mee
- Curry Puff
- Chicken Curry

3. Sambalacha

Sambalacha completely embodies the spirit of true-blue Peranakan, Uncle William Pang, who is the owner, marketer, chef and face of the restaurant. He opened the restaurant wanting to keep the recipes of his mum alive, and boy has he done that. His sambal is an ultimate x-factor and he knows it. It's an absolute masterstroke that he makes use of this sambal to enhance almost every single one of his dishes.

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Stranger in Bangkok's thoughts:

I love it that he has random specials, especially on weekends. You can even order special dishes from him, cooked specially for you. You just need to speak to him to know what's possible and what's not.

Stranger in Bangkok's favourites at Sambalacha:

- Laksa (Nyonya Curry style)
- Beef Rendang
- Anything that goes with that Sambal (even the cucumber)

4. Hawker Chan 

Forget the Michelin star, I haven't even eaten it before in Singapore, so I will simply judge Hawker Chan Thailand on its own merits, without any expectations.

The "world-famous" Michelin star soy sauce chicken 

The meats were all pretty impressive and substantial, that include the famous soy sauce chicken and pork roasts. The noodles were just ok, but can be elevated with their decent sambal, and the serving portion was really good. I almost could not finish the food on my plate.

Stranger in Bangkok's thoughts:

For the price (100/110THB), location (Terminal 21, Asoke BTS/Sukhumvit MRT, right by the food court), generous serving size and comfort, Hawker Chan is definitely a legitimate choice for a taste of home, especially when you do not have to queue.

Honorable Mention: Boon Tong Kee

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This household name for chicken rice in Singapore is already an established chain restaurant in Thailand. It has a ridiculously-huge menu and you could go 10 meals with no dish repetition without even touching their chicken rice.

Go for their chicken rice I say, because so far, it is the only dish that is convincing from their menu. It's as authentic as it gets, with the soy sauce and all, though the chilli sauce is a little too sweet. If you have a Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice craving, Boon Tong Kee could be your best bet.

So here's my list after 2 years of tasting and research. I would not say it is a conclusive list, so please let me know in the comments if I missed out on any gems!

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