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Hidden Dining Jewels in Suburban Bangkok: Devilish Chews + Brews

Update November 2017:

If you are a relatively new reader of this blog, let me introduce Devilish simply as one of my original inspirations to begin blogging about food. I remembered walking into this space with baby Noah in his carrier and 5 years later, I am ecstatic to do a formal update about their expansion!

Familiar sight.
But wait, there seems to be a new opening leading into somewhere...... (skeleton prop only there for Halloween).
Welcome to Devilish's extension-The Shed! A private, intimate dining space for food and drink.
Their range of sauces, mostly made in-house, Devilish is one of the rare made-from-scratch restaurants around. If they can make salt or water, I believe they will make it themselves too.

The old dining hall has undergone some changes. This is the higher 'chef's table' style that looks straight into the kitchen, and they now have a large selection of drinks on tap.

Don't forget to look at the blackboards for specials, one of the reasons why Devilish is always interesting.
Food is, as usual, filling and comforting. Go for their low-n-slow BBQ if you run out of ideas.

Update July 2016:

It's about time I made an official update on one of my original "Wah Lau Eh!" establishments, and I am happy to report that Devilish is going from strength to strength.

Over the last 3 years, I have seen for myself how Devilish evolved from a restaurant that served awesome meat from the grill and some wonderful dessert, into a gem that has to be one of Bangkok's only specialists in "low 'n slow" Texas Barbeque and Aussie Meat Pies. Their complimentary salad bar for all customers who order a main course has also undergone a complete makeover that now offers a large variety of salads to start your meal with a bang.

Tomato and Lentil Soup

With co-owner Andrew fully-involved, the menu changes virtually everyday, depending on the ingredients he gets his hands on, keeping a surprise element at Devilish at all times. For regulars like myself, this is very much appreciated.

You can always tell Andrew your preferences, here's a vegetarian pasta specially-made for my father-in-law

Still one of the best fish and chips in town

For your first visit at Devilish, their "low 'n slow" Texas Barbeque must not be missed. My favourite has to be their beef brisket, but their beef short ribs, saltbush lamb ribs and pork ribs are equally excellent.

Noah stuffing his face into the 1kg of pork ribs

I will end my update off by showing you the potential of the desserts at Devilish. Andrew's mastery of his sweet treats has always been a major draw for me, though he might not always have the time to make desserts available. Special mention has to go to his scones, which I personally feel are better than any other scones I have eaten in Bangkok. 

Freshly-baked scones with whipped cream and pear chutney


I realised I haven't had a single blogpost in July, and it's almost over! I am not going to let my blog go quiet for an entire month am I? So by hook or by crook, I am going to make a post right now!

Since I announced my new plan to blog on some hidden dining haunts in suburban Bangkok , I haven't actually gotten down to introducing the restaurants themselves, so here's to prove that this series is for real, and I am going to start with none other than the one that I frequent most - Devilish Eats.

To find a place like this within walking distance from my place is really a pleasant surprise
A couple of years ago, it would be difficult for me to envision something like this popping up barely a hundred metres from where I live. I guess you really have to expect the unexpected in Bangkok, even if it's suburban Bangkok. Within the same time frame, two 7-11s appeared opposite each other and a sparkling new 3-star hotel has been erected right opposite me, so why not a chic modern eatery?

Nothing complicated, but interior design is chic and has enough to keep you interested for a while
Chiller with wines and dessert

Aside of the interior decor, there are a few aspects of Devilish Eats that hit the right notes with me.
  1. Co-owner and head chef Andrew hails from Australia and he knows what he is doing, meaning he will not allow anything sub-standard to fly out of his kitchen. This is always a good start to any restaurant planning for the long haul. He owns the grill (typical of a real Aussie) and kills the desserts (just doesn't do it often enough yet, please try his Whoopie Pies if you see them lying around).
  2. HUGE portions at reasonable prices. Even their salads might be too much for 1, so please visit when you are very hungry, or exert some restraint when you order, especially if it is your first visit. Sharing with your co-diners is greatly encouraged!
  3. This is not exactly my cup of tea, but they have a big inventory of imported beers and wines, not common on this side of Bangkok.
  4. Menu changes periodically, with daily specials introduced now and then. This is what I love about restaurants, when the owners introduce new dishes based on seasonal ingredients. However, sometimes I do feel that probably too many new dishes incorporate local flavours, which might not be necessary at an eatery like this.
  5. Great service. Though food sometimes takes a little long to arrive at the table depending on the crowd, the excellent service of co-owner Patrick always ensures that the wait is not a bother. There is a huge personal touch here from the owners, and that's commendable.

The absolute must-try at Devilish - BBQ Ribs
With regards to food, expect rustic no-nonsense goodness from Andrew and his team, all at great value. I have brought guests from all over Asia here and none have left with any complaints. If I really have to recommend a dish, it will have to be their BBQ ribs, which have been marinated overnight, steamed before finally grilled to perfection before they are served. My Thai friend staying by the faraway Chao Phraya River said he would be back specially for them, and my friend from Singapore said they might be the best ribs she had ever eaten. My other personal favourites would be their Caesar Salad and Devilish Volcano Chicken Wings.

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