Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Noah sees Hua Hin with his own eyes

Disclaimer: The post below is purely Noah's thoughts and is not an accurate representation of Eddie's true feelings, though he tends to want to agree with his son.

Hello everyone, I am so angry with Daddy, but before I say why, I would like to announce to everyone that I am more than 4 months old now, and I am big and strong! Doctor says I am 95th percentile in weight (8.0kg) and virtually 100th percentile in length (68cm), whoopee, means I am a happy king-sized baby, thanks to Mummy's ceaseless care.

I am happy king-sized Baby Noah

Back to my topic, I am so angry with Daddy because he did not blog for more than a month. In his archives, May 2012 is absolutely EMPTY. How can he even allow this? Ok ya, he told me that both my grandpas came (separately), my granduncle came, my grandma is here, his director came, his company is facing some challenges blah blah blah, I understand but I cannot accept him not even writing ONE post in May! Anyway, he has finally gotten down to writing this, so I would like to share with everyone about my first trip out of Bangkok to Hua Hin, where Daddy and Mummy had their babymoon a few months ago.

This was a very significant trip for Daddy, because after working so hard in Thailand for 2.5 years, he can finally bring his staff on their inaugural incentive trip. To make things even more special, Grandpa Yii came to join us for the holiday, so it's a big big holiday for everyone. Daddy was very proud to be able to make everyone important in his life in Thailand happy all at the same time.

Yii 3G taking picture together for the first time, at Amazon Cafe on the way to Hua Hin
For me, it was a chance to go out of Bangkok for the first time after I was born. I remember hearing and feeling the sights and sounds of Hua Hin when in Mummy's tummy, but nothing beats seeing it with my own eyes right? For Mummy though, it might not have been very fun. There was a lot of packing to do even though it was only for a night. I think we brought everything to Hua Hin, like moving house!

Poor Mummy, worrying about me all the time, at least she had time to take a picture with me at the beach restaurant.
Look! Daddy was shocked when he realised that there was no space for him to sleep! Everything was about ME!
I was well-prepared for the sun, sand and sea
But I just kept sleeping at the beach in front of Khao Takiab (Chopsticks Mountain)
Daddy said that the trip was not about our family, but about his staff, because it is what they deserved, so we just followed them as they did what they enjoyed, playing football at the beach, taking pictures with foreigners, grilling seafood at night, Daddy even went to their room to play cards with them until midnight.

The next morning, we went out to visit Plearn Wan, the nostalgic weekend market aimed to copy the ambience in the eighties when Daddy was still a baby like me (that's such a LONG time ago), before heading back to Bangkok.

Daddy's favourite picture of the trip, TES Power 万岁!
Everyone loves Noah part 1: Having fun with Daddy's colleagues in the car
Everyone loves Noah part 2: This old auntie who came to Hua Hin with her family, literally persuaded Daddy into letting her hold me. Unfortunately, I was asleep the whole time and did not even manage to have a good look at her!
Aiya, why didn't they show my face? 没礼貌

Daddy says that every year, he wants to reward his staff with incentive trips, and his dream is to let them travel overseas for the first time in their lives in the next few years. I think he will need to work very hard to make it happen, but I believe he can do it.

Meanwhile, I plan to start my career in babywear modelling, so that I can help Daddy put some bread on the table. How do I look, not bad for a first time ya?
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