Monday, April 26, 2010

Another reason to visit the Stranger in Bangkok

I realise I am more motivated to update my blog more as more negative news of Thailand gets poured onto the global television and newspapers. I think everyone would like to read something positive about the Land of Smiles right? So I figure I should do my part.

Anyway, being arranged to stay in a Home Office in Bangkok means I need to be content staying steps away from my office and warehouse. In spite of the fact that there are many positives with this arrangement, I can't help but think what would have been if I had stayed a distance away from my workplace in a proper residential development. One of the obvious drawbacks is the fact that it was not possible for me to arrange a cooking facility in my building, so after half a year of eating out, I was determined to put things right:

Tadaaa..... there comes my mini authentic charcoal barbeque barang. The red hot coals only mean 1 thing -- that the budding chef Eddie can start his culinary adventures again.

Gloriously coloured skewers prepared by my good staff and greater friend Rit. I think when you take a closer look at the green things, you will suffer a mild culture shock. I don't think anyone in Singapore would make chilli skewers topped off by a cherry tomato right? Haha.... Absolutely fantastic!

Nothing makes it more rustic than some ghost dogs joining us in the fun. The white one is Khaaw, my best doggy friend in Bangkok.

Sizzling kebabs, mushrooms, tomatoes. Did not have the luck to buy live prawns this time though... sigh..... and a juicy surprise is trapped in the aluminium foil.

Grill-steamed plaa tub tim!! We plucked it out flipping for its life just hours before it went on the grill and it costs merely 5sgd! Live fish on a grill. BBQing in Thailand has really gone up a notch compared to what I could achieve in Singapore with a similar budget.

No one knows what's gonna happen and how this chaos is gonna end, the only thing I know is that I will continue to munch my chilli skewers and enjoy live fish all the same... come what may.

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