Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bangkok Life Hacks: The 1st Collection

With 6 years of experience living life in Thailand everyday, I hereby present you my list of life hacks in Bangkok, as presented on my IG feed (@strangerinbangkok) via the hashtag #bangkoklifehacks, minus the ones that are no longer that relevant, and grouped into 4 categories, guaranteed to make your life in this crazy city that teeny weeny bit better.

1. Battling Yucky Airport Food

Eddietor's Note: Not only my favourite noodle at the airport, but definitely one of my favourite in the whole of Bangkok.

2. Vegetarians look here!!

Eddietor's Note: This is one of the dishes the non-vegetarian me orders most at Greyhound.

3. For you, the one residing long-term in Thailand

Eddietor's Note: The COMPLETE game-changer, full post here.

Eddietor's Note: No Black Canyon coffee please, no... no... NOOO!

4. Beat the Queue!!

Eddietor's Note: There's probably no more queue even at Emquartier now especially after Bake Cheese Tart's arrival.

Eddietor's Note: One of my original Wah Lau Eh! items. Read here.

Eddietor's Note: Emporium is the mall right opposite Emquartier.

What a great list!!

No? Tell me your Bangkok life hack then!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What to eat near Bangkok BTS Stations: Ploenchit (E2)

Ploenchit (E2) BTS Station might be the most hiso (ie. atas, high-class) station along the entire Sukhumvit Line. The malls, hotels, office buildings and even the hospital close to it all exude a certain form of class. Needless to say, the dining opportunities around it will naturally be endless, so even though it's not my favourite neighbourhood, it has many of my favourite restaurants in town, which you should try as well.

1. La Buca : Italian classics that are all about Mr Oreste

One of my original Wah Lau Eh! restaurants, La Buca is the definition of a man's heart and soul. It's almost unbelievable how a restaurant can be so focused around a single person, but his flamboyant self-indulgence is also the main reason for La Buca's excellence.

How many Orestes do you see?
You might not even have read about La Buca before this, but trust me, Mr Oreste will make sure you leave satisfied. Don't expect food to reach you plated like a Michelin star (we will come to that later). Instead expect rustic Italian dishes done with flair and gusto. Just sit back, hope Mr Oreste comes, and enjoy whatever he unleashes at you when he does.

2. Flour Shoppe: Lime Cream Tart!!!

When I got to know Flour Shoppe a few years ago, they were only a small tart stall outside Tops Supermarket Central Chidlom. Now they already have a full restaurant on the same level, selling the same tarts and some reasonably good Western food.

Pretty good Spaghetti Carbonara, but what's with the raw spring onion on top?
Yummy Fried Chicken Biscuit

My recommendation at Flour Shoppe will most definitely be their tarts, especially their lime cream tart. Perfect place for afternoon tea if you are in Central Chidlom or Central Embassy.

I can eat these everyday!

3. Kang Ban Phe: Delicious Tom Yum Noodles, with or without the Kang

Kang Ban Phe's shop-front in Ruamrudee Village

Most photogenic noodles in town?

Hailing from Rayong, Kang Ban Phe is worth the hype. Not only does the bowl of Tom Yum Seafood Noodles look good, it tastes extremely good too. Both the broth and noodles are of a different level as compared to your typical street-side fix. The Kang (thai word for mantis shrimp) though, is underwhelming. Pre-cooked way beforehand, it's tasteless and slightly over-done when served. This bowl will taste equally excellent, with or without the Kang.

4. Cafe Parisien: Chef Herve Frerard's brainchild after Le Beaulieu

I was shocked and disappointed at Le Beaulieu's sudden closure, but the opening of Cafe Parisien ensured that the sadness was short-lived.

Set in a glass house beside the spectacular Sindhorn Tower, Cafe Parisien has taken Chef Herve's French classics into a brighter, more casual setting.

Organic Pork Chop

Grilled Flank Steak
Chef's famous business set lunches are still offered, and at its price range (690++THB), it has to be one of the best in town.

5. Savelberg: Not 1, but 4 Michelin Stars

Evening at Savelberg
Chef Henk Savelberg set up Savelberg after achieving Michelin Star recognition at 4 (!!) previous restaurants. It is safe to say that we are fortunate to be able to sample his cooking here in Bangkok.

At Savelberg, a dish is not actually a dish, it is really an artistic assembly of up to 10 different intricately-prepared components to make up a single cohesive dining experience. Let me just give a few examples:

Amuse Bouche of  White Asparagus Powder with Smoked Tasmanian Salmon
Lobster Salad with Red Curry

Cape Grimm: Wagyu Cheek, Bone Marrow and Grass-fed Striploin
If you would like to know more about my entire dining experience at Savelberg, you can have a look at Wilbur's piece on As a summary, it is probably safe to say that dinner at Savelberg will most likely give you a pleasantly-unforgettable evening.


I really hope this list will prove useful, especially if you are planning a special surprise for your loved one. That said, I am also sure that this list is only the tip of the iceberg available at Pleonchit. Part 2 to come in due time!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Gallery Pizza: Maybe the best pizza delivered to your doorstep in Bangkok

Safely-delivered to my apartment

I have said a lot about Gallery Pizza on my article on, but I feel compelled to write about them from a completely different perspective as I know a lot of folks in Bangkok are reading this, and honestly, as much as we don't want to admit, too many of us have been reliant on Pizza Company for our delivery pizza fix over the last few years.

The New Yorker, Gallery Pizza's Signature flavour

Take nothing away from Pizza Company. They have done well in a pizza slugfest with Pizza Hut, Scoozi and Domino's in an extremely competitive market. Then again, if you are into more authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas, Gallery Pizza presents itself as a legitimate alternative.

Having tasted many of their offerings at Sathorn 11 Art Space, I had to try out their delivery service before giving you a report of my experience.

  1. The operator who received my call was a local who could speak decent English. She recorded my order and address with no issues and told me my order will take approximately 50 minutes to arrive.

    To my knowledge, Gallery Pizza's preferred delivery zone will be Sathorn and Sukhumvit Road up till On Nut (with 40THB surcharge), where they will usually promise arrival within 30 minutes. I live a short distance beyond On Nut, thus the longer delivery time and higher delivery charge (60THB). If you live in the suburbs, I will recommend you to call them to find out whether they deliver to you or not.

  2. Delivery arrived on time, in roughly 45 minutes. More importantly, the correct flavours were sent.

  3. The pizzas were warm. I would have wanted them to be hotter, but considering the distance they traveled, I can live with popping them into my own oven for a few minutes before tucking in.

  4. I am extremely happy that they provide a choice of mixing 2 flavours into 1 pizza. It gives customers the opportunity to savour many flavours in a single order.

  5. They deliver till as late as 4am!!

  6. Last but not least, the current 499THB promotion for any 2 pizzas presents a seriously awesome deal for the quality we are getting.

    Unfortunately, I have no idea when the promotion ends, so do have a go while it lasts and check out their website for updates before ordering.

Pad Krapao on one side and Ham/Mushroom on the other

In this rainy season, meal delivery services often become life savers for city dwellers like us in Bangkok. Don't forget this article when the clouds start to build up, you will thank me for it.

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