Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bangkok Life Hacks: The 1st Collection

With 6 years of experience living life in Thailand everyday, I hereby present you my list of life hacks in Bangkok, as presented on my IG feed (@strangerinbangkok) via the hashtag #bangkoklifehacks, minus the ones that are no longer that relevant, and grouped into 4 categories, guaranteed to make your life in this crazy city that teeny weeny bit better.

1. Battling Yucky Airport Food

Eddietor's Note: Not only my favourite noodle at the airport, but definitely one of my favourite in the whole of Bangkok.

2. Vegetarians look here!!

Eddietor's Note: This is one of the dishes the non-vegetarian me orders most at Greyhound.

3. For you, the one residing long-term in Thailand

Eddietor's Note: The COMPLETE game-changer, full post here.

Eddietor's Note: No Black Canyon coffee please, no... no... NOOO!

4. Beat the Queue!!

Eddietor's Note: There's probably no more queue even at Emquartier now especially after Bake Cheese Tart's arrival.

Eddietor's Note: One of my original Wah Lau Eh! items. Read here.

Eddietor's Note: Emporium is the mall right opposite Emquartier.

What a great list!!

No? Tell me your Bangkok life hack then!

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