Friday, May 31, 2013

[Daddy Matters Father's Day Special] Dear Dad

To celebrate the upcoming Father's Day (which falls on the 3rd Sunday of June everywhere EXCEPT FOR of Thailand), I have been challenged by the Daddy Matters Group to come up with a post imagining what Noah would want to tell me if he wrote me a letter. I am one of the youngest Daddies in the group and my son is still blabbering in baby tongue, but I shall take up the challenge anyway.

Dear Daddy

I have been longing for you to understand what I say. My friends in my Babies Genius class like Boss, Plankton, Iphone, Ecclair, Proud, Green and Pause can all communicate with me, why is it so difficult for you to understand me when I try to converse with you everyday? 

See, their names are all so cool, at least they mean something, what does Noah even mean? It sounds like "No ah?" in Singlish. Hello, we are not in Singapore now. I know he is a bright old man in the Bible and built the Ark to save all the cute animals, but I am a baby, not an old man. 

Ok, enough of the complaints, I am not Singaporean anyway, complaining is not in my list of favourite activities. Instead, my favourite activities are hugging Daddy and Mummy, kissing Daddy and Mummy, playing with Daddy and Mummy, singing with Daddy and Mummy and sleeping with Daddy and Mummy!

Favourite time of the day: Yii family laughing minute

I really cannot imagine my life without you peeps. I can't even bear to see Mummy disappear from my sight. During the day, when you are outside doing whatever you are doing (and can't you stay home more often), I just can't control my emotions when she disappears into the toilet or out of the room. I know I make her very frustrated when I scream and cry, but I just can't help it! Help me apologise to Mummy when you can, will you? Please?

Daddy, I love kissing you, especially those long ones on your lips, and those you peck on my cheek during the bedtime stories. However, sometimes I wonder just how many times you want me to kiss you per day. You ask me to kiss you every other minute, and give me a glum face when I am too busy doing something else. I will kiss you as many times as I can ok? You must give me some time to do my stuff. I need to play play play play play.

Play with seesaw also need to kiss you first is it?

With regards to eating, I understand Daddy and Mummy cook healthy food with premium ingredients for me everyday, but they don't taste like anything. I am a big boy now, I want to feed myself like you do. I haven't checked out the bowls and spoons completely yet, so sometimes I make a mess. Just give me some time to explore, I promise I will master self-feeding soon! And please, all those yummy delicious things you are eating everyday, spare some for me leh....

Lastly, Daddy, I think you are must be the happiest Daddy in the world. Why? Because you must be the only Daddy in the world who can celebrate 2 Father's Days every year, one in June and another in December (in conjunction with the King's Birthday in Thailand). Compare that with the others, it's double the fun, double the appreciation, double the joy.

2 Sundays later will be your 3rd Father's Day! I would like to wish you a happy one. You are doing a pretty decent job for a Daddy with no prior experience. Keep it up! I love you very much.

Hugs and kisses
No Ah Yii

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  1. Please tell Noah that he is such a good Author. Love his letter soooooooo much! :D


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