Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stranger in Bangkok: It's never too late to start reading!

Time flies. I've technically been in Bangkok for 3 full years now, and it also marks the existence of this blog for almost the same period of time. I never envisaged myself becoming a lover of blogging until I got down to doing it, and it is very difficult to explain how important it is to me now.

As I frequently tell my wife, Bangkok is close to my heart because it feels like the place where my grown-up life really began. My first company (I don't own it, but at least it feels like it), my first home with my own family, my first child and in a very special way, my first and possibly final attempt to be an effective blogger.

Bangkok is as cosmopolitan as you can ever imagine
It warms my heart when friends and relatives message me to tell me that they stumbled upon my blog online and have been reading ever since, or tell me they have been following without knowing it was mine. These are all very intimate comments as I realise I have achieved what I wanted to with this blog, that is to share my exotic lifestyle with all my friends who are far from me, and in some way or another provide some useful resources in case they are visiting. This blog usually garners more than 30 reads/day (from all over the world) even when I do not have any new posts, which to me, is highly encouraging.

While I try to think of other ways to push this blog to another level, my advice to all who are visiting for the first time is: It is not too late to follow this blog, especially if my way of life in Bangkok seems strange and unique to you.

There are a few distinct categories which I split I blog into and I shall just name a few (see a full list of labels on the right hand bar) and recommend you to some of my favourite posts:

  1. My Strangest Experiences in Thailand

    This is what this blog is all about actually, about strange things that happen to me in Thailand, that might never happen elsewhere, which leads me encourage you to read what is arguably still my very favourite post of all time here.
  2. The simple pleasures of life

    One of the main reasons why I love Bangkok is because while it is a cosmopolitan city like Singapore, life can be very very simple. The sincere smiles, the hospitality, affection and happiness of local Thai people really rub on you, and you have no choice but to become less demanding, more accomodating and more easily satisfied, resulting in a happier life!

    Click here to see how Li Li and I enjoyed ourselves becoming street vendors making and selling biodegradable boats during Loy Krathong.
  3. TES Power Equipment

    The branch office I helped my company start from scratch, and the primary reason I am here now. It has been a long and tough journey, which I feel is getting tougher by the day, but I have survived and will continue to. With my team of talents plucked from the city streets, we will prevail and I look forward to many more good years together.
  4. Tourist? I would come here if I were you

    I am no longer a visitor nor a tourist, I live here now. More than ever, I would like to enjoy what the locals enjoy, go where the locals go. If you too, are interested in that, this would be an category for you to invest some time on if you are planning a trip to Bangkok some time soon

    My first tip, instead of spending time in sleazy sinful Pattaya, consider going to the nearby Coral Island instead!
  5. The Stranger's Foodie Recommendations in Thailand

    I am a die-hard foodie, so this category means a lot to me, and it should to you too, because though Thailand IS most definitely about the Tom Yums and Som Tums, it is also a metropolis where almost every cuisine is proudly represented. I believe these posts would come in handy when you need some dining ideas here!

    Jok's Kitchen is a private kitchen that I have had the privilege to dine in once quite a long while back, I hope you will too if the opportunity presents itself, because of the sheer difficulty to get your butt on a seat inside that elusive little restaurant! PS. This is by far my most popular food-related post.
  6. Baby in Bangkok

    Last but not least, I have to promote my son, Noah Yii! Aside of this blog, another way to follow this endearing boy's life story is to "Like" his Facebook page, which can easily be done by clicking the "Like" button on the top right hand corner on this blog.

    Enjoy all the cute and heart-warming moments as Li Li and I try to bring up this little boy without any help here in Bangkok!
Ok, I think my very long and exhausting self-promoting blogpost must definitely end here before you run out of patience. 

Thank you to all my readers who have graced this blog one time or another. It's been a pleasure to have you walking my journey in Bangkok with me, and do continue to do so, and please leave me messages if you have any comments or need advice regarding anything in Thailand, I promise I will reply every single one of them!

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