Monday, February 20, 2012

Stuck on you Part 1: Noah's favourite sleeping position

Noah, the little Li Li

Noah is such a darling.

I am a first-time daddy, and I have nothing to compare with, but amidst his random unsettled streaks, I would like to think that he has been quite good to us so far. He's starting to eat much more than in the past though, so I hope that he's just in the middle of a healthy growth spurt.

Every parent would be able to boast their little secrets of comforting their little ones. Men and women, being blessed with different physical attributes, would naturally have differing methods of showing babies their affection.

For me, the most effective method through these last 20 days has been simple: Stuck on you.

Noah loves cuddling into my chest to listen to my heartbeat and give me some lovebites on my neck. Eager to provide him with the warmest sleeping position, I often get stuck to the bed for hours while he sleeps soundly on me.

Looks like Noah has currently made my chest his rightful position, a place where he can seek comfort, a place where he enjoys chilling out in even though he has taken a full feed and gotten a fresh change of diapers, a place where he immobilizes his Daddy but he doesn't care!

Noah loves being stuck on Daddy, Daddy loves sticking to Noah too.


  1. lol!! aww.. >.<!!!!!! - Feng Yi

  2. 李美爸爸:“我曾经拥有。。。”


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