Friday, August 17, 2012

A formal (shameless) invitation to become Noah Yii's fan!

If you think that this boy is endearing and worth you watching him grow day by day, please become his fan NOW by viewing Noah Yii's page or by clicking the "Like" button on the top right hand corner of this blog!

Li Li and I have been thinking of doing this for a while. Since the birth of Noah, our facebook pages have been overpowered by him. Li Li is no longer Li Li, Eddie is no longer Eddie. At least in cyberspace, we have technically become Noahmummy and Noahdaddy. No longer are our pages filled with our own updates or pictures, we have become 2 entities separately sharing our son's pictures with everyone.

Furthermore, Noah has garnered a fair bit of support from our Bangkokian friends, so we have decided to create this fanpage for him, so that friends who still remember us, in Thailand or abroad, can have a specialised portal to see what's happening to this infectiously happy boy in every single day of his precious life.

He has taken his 1st shower, 1st injection and devoured his 1st serving of solid food, but there is still an infinite number of milestones for him to reach in due time. Please "Like" his page and support him through his 1st tooth, 1st crawl, 1st steps, 1st haircut (yes, we have not cut his hair yet), 1st word and I am sure he will bring lots of joy to your lives, no less than he has done to ours.

Do the right thing, "Like" his page so that with the success of his fanpage, Daddy and Mummy can become Eddie and Li Li in cyberspace again!

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