Friday, October 1, 2010

Greetings from Uncle in Bangkok

Firstly, I have to apologise that for the past weeks, there has been nothing interesting happening in Bangkok itself for me. After my wedding, it's just been ceaseless amounts of work and mounting problems in the office to take care of. Shilei did make a brief visit to pick my mood up a little, but that's about it. Things will not get much better, as I will soon need to start renovating my new warehouse and welcome my company's peak season all at the same time.

On a personal note, September 2010 had been one of the most happening months in my life. After turning 29 on the 7th with my church guys and Candra by my side, I had back-to-back wedding banquets on the 11th in Singapore and on the 18th in my native Kuching. I think this effectively gives me the title 老公, which sounds unbelievably old in any sense.

However, things just do get better and better don't they? Rather unexpectedly, I officially became an UNCLE (叔叔)on the 29th, when I only expected the arrival of my long-awaited niece early this month. I scoured around on FB and I have not seen any pictures of her online yet, so.... you've seen her here first, thanks to Li Li!

She looks just like those little bolsters you see in Kiddy Palace with a cute head popping out.

As I did not have consent from the adults to show their faces, I just use this pic to portray fatherly love.

Miss No-name-yet is only 1 day old, she needs a lot of sleep!

I have enough new old-sounding titles on my head all of a sudden, no more please, just for a while yeah? I'm turning 30 soon, just let me savour the last bit of my youth ok?

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