Friday, September 24, 2010

The Stranger in Bangkok is honoured to have 250 'official' wedding photographers

I have always said that Thailand has been good to me. A year has flown by and I am still relishing every moment of this exotic journey in the Land of Smiles. However, after 2 weeks of joy and jubilation having finally written the full stop to my marathon-like wedding festivities, life has gone into an absolute anti-climax following my return to Bangkok. It has been a bad week at the office, the worst week I have had here in terms of emotional and mental turmoil. Worst thing is, I have a bad feeling that this week will become a 7-day work week, talk about never-ending mental torture......

But it's Friday after all, and I am determined to put the frustrations behind me for an hour while I compile this blog post which continues to recount the steps of my marriage. Planning a wedding banquet in Singapore from Bangkok was like building castles in the air. No matter how novel my ideas were, I knew that with me having only 6 full days in Singapore before my actual wedding day to prepare for it, I had to compromise, compromise, compromise.

I just did not want my wedding dinner to become a monotonous film of march-ins and yam sengs, therefore, I invited all my guests to become my wedding photographers!! It was kind of a 'gamble', but judging from the fun they had and the pictures that came with it, I would not have chosen any other way to involve my guests on my big day. Here's some evidence why this move of mine gave me a load of priceless memories I otherwise would not have witnessed:

Kids trying to emulate monkeys, looks like they had a good time.

Princess Candra beaming at the spread of interesting-looking dishes prepared by Peony Jade.

Yiling looks as stunning as I last saw her 4 years ago, but Charisse is a big girl now,she likes the wedding favour!

How else would I catch my coordinator and official photographer taking a break? (??!!)

How else would I catch such a nice smile from the beautiful Eleen with Bihua standing demurely behind her?

How else would I catch Junxiong trying his best to pull off a funny face (epic FAIL attempt).

It gave me proof that my guests enjoyed the free flow of beer.

It gave me some great candid moments to savour.

It gave me a perfect shot with my best brothers.

My song team is REALLY took the song segment SERIOUSLY, thanks guys, u're the best.

Disposable cameras do have limitations, but it resulted in a nice silhouette of the singers.
 I would like to thank the WowWowWed team for gracing my wedding and making this possible for us, and also all my great guests who made the evening so meaningful. I hope we did enough to make it an enjoyable night for you too. You are most welcome to own these wonderful memories as well, viewing/downloading all 262 pictures from It's a pity only 20 out of 26 cameras could be recovered though, so anyone reading this who is still holding on to a camera, please let me know so that I can retrieve the missing pictures from you.

Lastly and extremely devastatingly, someone managed to take me in the most AGUA (阿瓜)pose I have ever seen myself in. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR DOING THIS ON MY WEDDING.

Laugh lor... Laugh lor.... $%^&*(*&^%

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