Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Picking up the pieces after 911.....

The first real official Yii family outing -- Bak Kut Teh.

It's been a long week, juggling sleepless nights, meetings, gatherings, family outings and a wedding....

911 is finally over, but I need to brace myself to face another potentially gruelling week to complete my wedding festivities in my native Kuching.

I am in no position to share about the actual 911 yet, as it's such an amazing day, it deserves more than just a slip-short mention. However, what makes it even more memorable is how so many of my friends from different parts of my life got together to make it possible for me even though I am stuck in Bangkok remote-controlling this event most of the time. Which other couple can boast such a wonderfully-crafted wedding when they only came back ard a week before their big day (without the help of a professional wedding planner)?

I shall now recount this fantastic experience by sharing my memories of the week leading to 911, which in a way, was crafted as well by the wedding-organising team as well....

Li Li made it a special birthday for me, inviting a special little guest into the party, though her tiny brain was obviously focused on the yellow creamy mess displayed in front of her.

In return, I worked hard on my hatchday to make her room more interesting. She's nearly 80cm tall now!

Following that, my dear brothers celebrated my bday with me yet again, on this Bachelor's night-turned-Bday KTV session. I had a lot of fun, you guys are the best. 2 Mango bday cakes a day, can u beat that?

The next day, I wore my favourite dragon to cut my hair as short as it has ever been in preparation for the big day.

Last, but definitely not least, after enduring a rock version of 我问天and some ridiculously-bad-tasting organic Jaz beer, my ears were literally blasted into pieces by Gilbert and his band during my real bachelor's night.

As I look back at every step taken for my wedding, the only things I see are a beautiful lady submitting her life into this marriage and the work done by my family and friends to make sure I receive her in the most perfect way possible.

Thanks guys...... your efforts have not gone to waste, and my thank yous will not end...

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