Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Paradise Park -- Made in Paradise, Open on Earth (my glimpse of Aum Patcharapa)

I live in the East of Bangkok. It's not the most glamorous nor accessible place in this metropolis, with frequent floods and no BTS (train) station in the vicinity. However, I have always felt blessed that I am within walking distance of the second largest shopping mall in Bangkok (Seacon Square) and another stone's throw away from an old but very 'useful' mall in Seri Centre, where I can find the most delicious street food in a comfortable food court setting.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and my silver lining is that the traditional Seri Centre has just been turned into a classy Paradise Park. It prides itself as the Oasis of Eastern Bangkok, but judging by the looks of it, it will soon become the Oasis of Entire Bangkok.

As my company's bank is situated there, I am one of the few who has witnessed the evolution of Seri Centre into Paradise Park due to my never-ending bank transactions. In a nutshell, the design concept of this new mall is to make it look like a massive indoor garden, with natural sunlight coming in to nourish the abundant greenery in the mall. Whatever I say would not actually do it much justice, so I would let me pictures do the talking. These were taken during the extravagant opening celebration last Saturday, which involved performers from all parts of the world and a documented 1000 (??) celebrities.

How could a party be a party without eye candy for the kids?

The cute Dr Samitivej who has such a massive head that it wouldn't stay on its neck without support from the hand.

Swatch's Flik Flak putting my height to shame.
Also, many signboards scattered around to make it a picture-perfect memory for all involved.

The main theme of the mall - Made in Paradise, Open on Earth - well illustrated here.

Another designed with plants and flowers suggesting this is more of a garden than a mall.

It has dedicated rest zones that make you feel completely relaxed and zoned-out from the intense shopping:
Classy right, I doubt the chairs will hold up for long though.
There are rest stops that make u feel like u are in a vineyard.
The management realised too little emphasis has been placed on the wallpapers in most malls, and therefore aim to put it right. These are just a few shots of the many different designs on show to give a different feel to each area.

I am personally quite proud of this montage, hope you enjoy it.
How could I possibly miss out the many celebrities who graced the event. From young 14-year-old heart stoppers to one of the most popular local female celebrities in the past few years, Aum Patcharapa (click here to see why), I am fortunate to rub shoulders with even more Thai celebrities.

Can you find Li Li?

The exhausting day ended with a carnival (machiam Chingay) and a nice bit of fireworks. It's really nice that the management made all this effort just to open a shopping mall with a bang. It certainly underlines the determination to make this project work, though to be honest, it would have been a rousing success anyway without the trouble.
Welcome to Paradise.

Just when I thought I was in Paradise, Li Li pointed to a sign which brought me back to Earth with a loud thud.

If you are comming to Bangkok anytime sooon, please let mee know and I promisse to brring you to Parradise Parkk.

PS. Thiss iss nott ann addvertisementt.


  1. I should Angel to Dr Samitivej when she falls ill next time. Bet she will welcome him with hugs and kisses rather than the usual pushing and squirming.

  2. Hello Summer!

    Thank you for reading my blog! How did Angel's party go?

    Anyway Samitivej Hospital is a tiptop hospital, sometimes I think it's a hotel/shopping mall, haha, so Angel will definitely enjoy herself there!


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