Monday, August 23, 2010

Palio - a hint of Europe in Thailand

It's been a while. The past 10 days have been nothing short of breathless. An influx of visitors (family and corporate) kept me extremely busy. Technically, I became sort of a part-time tour guide for a good week. It was all good fun with Li Li's sisters and an important customer visit with my principle supplier, so I have nothing much to complain, only that I really really need a breather now.

That said, I am happy that the band of sisters enjoyed their visit to Chokchai farm, which is not something a normal tourist would do when they come to Thailand. Having visited and written an entire blog post on the Umm-Milk! makers just a while ago, we were surely going to take this opportunity to visit another vacation venue, this time, Palio, around 20 minutes drive away from Chokchai. I had high hopes for it, but aside of a very very difficult time to find it and some nice pictures, I have to say it is not exactly worth a dedicated visit if you are not passing by the area. However, it is a paradise for photographers, as it provides local Thais with a hint of an European old town square with lush green mountains as a backdrop.

Pictures will speak more than words now, but if you are interested, please take note of my shirt. In my previous post, I mentioned spending a bomb on a couple shirts. This is one of them, designed by popular Thai designer Anurak (shop named ANR). I love it, it brings out the kid and the feminine side of me all at the same time, haha!

Oh man, such a small nameplate with no colour contrast, how do they expect us to know when we pass by??!!

One of the many nice flower decorations on show.

My trusty G10 made a lonely lotus sprouting out of a dirty 'pond' look exquisite.

Li Li on the second floor of a building. An European old town square with green tropical mountains as backdrop, quite a unique setting eh?
A closer look at my designer shirt.
There are countless corners like this for photographers to get a really rustic and classic shot of their models.
Finally, we found someone to take a picture of us together. We thought our photographer was a handsome young man, she turned out to be a boyish pretty young lady, welcome to Thailand.
Now that the busiest part of August is behind me, my wedding is staring me in my face. There is no time to waste nor lose. It's full speed ahead towards my big day, I am looking forward to it.

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