Monday, October 25, 2010

Re-visiting the Grand Palace and celebrating the arrival of a new toy

A quiet 2 weeks on the blog front for me. My wife is here with my mom, who went back to Singapore to celebrate my niece's first month yesterday. I finally have some time to breathe. Wasn't easy trying to juggle working while keeping my mom entertained in a country where she cannot even find 1 TV channel with programmes she could really understand. She resorted to day-after-day of shopping therapy to curb her boredom, but anyway, I hope she enjoyed herself. I am just dropping by to say hi to my dwindling number of readers in case you are wondering what happened to me.

Last Saturday was Chulalongkorn Day (King Rama V of the Anna and the King fame), and I took the opportunity to re-visit the Grand Palace, this time with my mom. Although she would enjoy herself infinitely more bulleting around like a high-speed train in the Ratchaprasong shopping district (where the red shirts proudly occupied for a couple of months a while ago), I think the visit wasn't too shabby as well. Please have a look at the Grand Palace pics on my FaceBook profile here.

On a personal note, I got my company and I a new toy to play with, a mini photo studio! Just the thing I need to take nice pictures of the countless spare parts we sell (without any knowledge of how to set up a real photostudio myself), and I can conveniently use to take any knick-knacks I have too. I am pleased.

Here's a preview of the picture the studio can produce, with a G10, with no photoshop at all. Anyone needs studio-quality pictures of small products for your marketing material? Courier it to Bangkok and I can help you!

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