Monday, May 3, 2010

Why I make continuous whirlwind trips to Singapore

I remember my church friends opening their eyes wide to see why I appeared again just 2 weeks after I left Singapore.

Well, I have to admit that I am feeling more and more like a tourist when I come. Although I have lived here for a good 27 years, I do not feel at home anymore. No, I do not feel at home in Sarawak or Thailand too... I guess I am really in an awkward position in this aspect right now, but it makes my life all the more exciting as the world is my playground. I do hope to be settled in 1 location in the next few years though, especially after I have children.

Ok, back to why I come back so often to my former-adopted country who now allows me to enter its casinos free of charge, here's a sneak peek....
So as not to miss the growth of the oldest Princess in our CG....
So as not to miss my best friends pretending to look asleep while trying their best to hit the right notes.
So as to see the old buildings look new, yet try to look older than the new ones.

And most importantly, to have 2 days of absolutely draining fun with this whacky group of people to ensure my guests get to see stunning pictures at Keppel Club on 11th of September. Make sure you are there!

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