Friday, October 28, 2016

Delicious vegetarian food available everyday in Bangkok

Thailand has a 9-day  Vegetarian Festival every year which is celebrated at a grand scale nationwide, but outside the festival, delicious vegetarian food is alarmingly-elusive. However, if you look closely, there are more than enough restaurants that actually have permanent vegetarian offerings, which taste pretty impressive, and this is coming from someone who is not turning vegetarian anytime soon.

My list only includes places which I have personally tried before, and will continue to expand as I discover more places.

1.       Little Bao Bangkok [Closed]

Newly opened at 72 Courtyard, Little Bao Bangkok is Little Bao’s first foray outside Hong Kong, and certainly one of the city’s most anticipated openings in 2016. Commonly known as a place for hipster groups to share tasty bites over creative cocktails, Little Bao unexpectedly serves some delicious vegetarian plates. The Sloppy Chan Bao is a tasty mess of Shiitake tempeh, pickled Daikon and truffle mayonnaise, and once you start on their signature ice cream baos, it is not possible to stop at 1.

One is not enough!

2.       S&P Restaurant

One of the most established restaurant chains in Bangkok, many forget that S&P restaurants actually have a solid permanent selection of vegetarian dishes, more than good enough to grace this list, especially with their accessibility across the whole Kingdom. I like their black olive fried rice, holy basil fried Japanese mushroom and stewed vegetables with shiitake mushrooms, which really defies logic. How can such a tasty stew be made purely from vegetables?

3.       Misoya Ramen

Misoya Ramen Bangkok is part of a massive ramen empire that spans from Japan to North and South America. Taking advantage of their special Miso blends  infused into every bowl, Misoya is able to come up with perhaps the most unforgettable vegetarian ramen ever, complete with a good mix of greens and silky-smooth fried Japanese tofu. Even the non-vegetarian customer will slurp up every drop.

4.       Broccoli Revolution

The only 100% vegetarian restaurant on the list, Broccoli Revolution looks and sounds like the THE vegetarian restaurant to go to in town, with high ceilings and hanging plants giving it the modern hipster feel. Its cold-press juice bar has some incredibly delicious concoctions, while the coffee (Roots), cakes (Veganerie Concept) and ice-cream (Farm-to-Table Café) are sourced from the perfect local suppliers.

The famous signature burger.

The charcoal broccoli-quinoa burger looks a dream for instagrammers looking to impress with a #healthyeating hashtag. Broccoli Revolution is certainly worth a visit for the health-conscious, even though I still feel that their food can and should taste even better.

5.       Greyhound Cafe

Saving the best for last, I am directing you to Greyhound Café for a dose of delightful vegetarian dining. The folks at Greyhound are the true pioneers of fashion and style in Thailand, their food is no different.

Their huge selection of vegetarian favorites range from vegetarian phad thai to international flavors like lasagna salad and grilled vegetables with pesto sauce. I confess that I frequently order their vegetarian dishes as our mains as they are just so good.

Have a go and let me know what you think!

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