Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Birthday Letters from Daddy: Ellie turns 2

Dear Ellie

Sometimes I look at you marvel at how much you have grown within the space of a year.

From the bald, serious-looking baby to the endearing, independent, humorous little girl you have become, God's blessings have been more than abundant.

You walk without wanting Daddy to hold your hand, you sometimes even eat alone by yourself without our assistance. It's amazing how much you look like your brother while being the complete opposite.

Still, you are Daddy's little precious baby girl. I only just started putting you to bed, and finally got to experience the intimacy of you crawling up onto my chest in the middle of the night, something I enjoyed with Noah since his first day home. I am thankful it's not too late for me to properly feel every little bit of baby left in you.

Finally, I would like you to know that while I am writing this, Thailand, the land you are born in, is deep in mourning, because their beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away barely a week ago. Daddy and Mummy are wearing black everyday to grieve with our friends around us.

We must never forget that without this beautiful land and its people, meticulously nurtured by the late King for the best part of 7 decades, we will not enjoy what we have right now.

I hope you will grow up remembering this, and understand the late King's undying spirit as a guiding light in your life, that is, in His own words, "to do what I think is useful for the people, and that is all".

I am proud that you were born in Thailand during His reign.

Meanwhile, it's also important to recall your small little party at Devilish, our neighbourhood restaurant and remember everyone who came to bless you, plus the ones who made it all possible.

Pretty purple-themed 'party', photo credit: @strikingjacqpot

Can't resist these owl pegs

Ellie and Mummy, photo credit: @visanue

Noah! Photo credit: @visanue

Patrick serves the food. Photo credit: @visanue

Aileen and the Kawayiis

What a feast. Photo credit: @visanue
Noah and his true love. Photo credit: @visanue

Birthday cupcakes.  Photo credit: @visanue

Happy Birthday Ellie! Photo credit: @visanue

May you continue to grow into the bright, cheeky Ellie that we are all starting to see. We love you very very much.

Kisses and Hugs,

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