Monday, August 15, 2016

The Best Day Ever!

Have you ever exclaimed, "This is the best day ever"?

Or even better, exclaimed, "Daddy, this is the best day ever"?

Noah did last Sunday, his first full day in Bangkok after 5 weeks away, spent with only Daddy, as Mummy and Baby Ellie were still in Singapore.

There was nothing fancy, just a normal Sunday out. Church, lunch, and a movie. Plus his wooden camera around his neck.

BTS Station


Beside Chuvit Park

Up the escalator

Golden Gate Bridge?

On the red carpet?

Before his movie

Heading home after the movie

Taking pictures of his toys before dinner

I wonder when he will get his next 'best day ever'.

Maybe when he wins a prize in a competition, or when he holds his girlfriend's hand for the first time?

The day he gets married, or when he finally gets to hold his own little baby in his arms?

Whatever the case, I know I was part of his first 'best day ever'.

And it was one of my 'best day ever' too.

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