Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hidden Dining Jewels in Suburban Bangkok: Bestow - Healthy Wraps with Killer Sauces

I NEVER thought I would be writing about healthy wraps on my blog, but here goes.

Proof that healthy food can be yummy too

Bestow is a health food restaurant open along Suan Luang R.9 Road, near King Rama 9 Park. 25 year old owner Best had no prior culinary experience, but through 8 months of sheer practice, research and determination, executed his concept, to bestow health in the form of delicious food to all his customers.

Unexpectedly cosy place, don't forget to read the signs!
Aside of a few minor exceptions (eg. a small selection of soft drinks and things like hot dogs/dessert tortillas to appease to children), the theme of 'lean, healthy and delicious' runs through the entire menu, which in itself is designed like a fun game of chess, where you can mix'n match your selections, understand how many calories your meal will have and and also its price.

I am no health junkie. No amount of healthy food will appeal to me if they don't please my palate. So why am I talking about some healthy wraps that contain at least 70% worth of shredded raw carrots, onions and lettuce? The answer lies in Bestow's array of home-made sauces.

I am going to reveal something big here. I HATE ketchup. On a normal day, nothing will convince me to dip anything into a pile of raw ketchup. One of the 'dares' I had to perform while trying to break into my wife's house during our wedding day was to eat a ketchup sandwich. Oh, I can live with dishes cooked with ketchup as seasoning, but raw ketchup---thanks but no thanks.

When I knew that one of Best's signature's sauces was the BTK aka Better Than Ketchup, I knew he was on my side. That said, his BTK (sweet, sour and slightly spicy) is only my 2nd favourite sauce in his repertoire, I order his Sesame Zinc (a creamy Japanese-style sesame dressing) sauce more often. After visiting Bestow a couple of times, I was convinced that sauce really matters. A good sauce can make even a low-calorie, veggie-centric wrap taste good.

Blowtorching the spring roll.

Final product

If you are dining in, I absolutely recommend you to try their spring rolls. It is their only selection which is blowtorched, resulting in a warm, crispy wrap. The crispiness does not last though, so if you are ordering a takeaway, their tortilla wraps will be more suitable.

Mostly veggies
If there was any gripe I had about Bestow, it would be that their food offered little variety. Ok, lots of wraps, but nothing much else. This was my feedback, and Best was quick to react.

Bestow's new BBQ ribs. Try their blueberry smoothie too!
He has just released his BBQ ribs (still on limited offer, check Bestow's FB/IG or call in to check availability) which turned out to be really enjoyable. The bones slide off cleanly, and it's flavourful without being completely drenched with BBQ sauce.

Bestow is proof that healthy food does not necessarily have to taste boring. Their location is not the most convenient, but if you are in the vicinity, no harm popping by for a quick meal, or you can try their delivery services on Foodpanda.

If Best continues to refine his craft, I am sure you will see Bestow appearing in more accessible locations in Bangkok in time to come.

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