Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What to eat near Bangkok BTS Stations: Udomsuk (E12)

6 years into my stint in Bangkok, I finally try to make myself more useful, especially for comrades who frequently crack their brains thinking of dinner options on their way home from work. As I do not commute via BTS most of the time, I have garnered the help from some 'local' friends to slowly but surely compile useful lists of my personal favourite eateries within reasonable walking distance from BTS stations.

Take note though, that these choices are based on my own preferences after visiting all of them myself, and the walking distances are also deemed reasonable based on my own level of acceptance (usually not more than 15 minutes' walk from BTS station at my average pace).

So, where better to start than my homeground, Udomsuk BTS station?

1. Devilish Eats: Addictive low and slow BBQ

Because "Wah Lau Eh!"

With co-owner Patrick after pasting my Stamp of Approval

2. Rabbito' Cafe': Eat with bunny company

Also along Sukhumvit 101/1 inside Di Wavery Place (a neighbourhood community mall), just 2 shops away from Devilish Eats lies one of the only rabbit-themed cafes in Bangkok.

It's always full during the weekends so be prepared to wait

Rabbits roam free at Rabbito'
If you are into rabbits, or pretty Thai ladies who come for rabbits, this is the place for you, because down here it's possible to hold a bunny on your lap while digging into your nuggets and fries.

Relaxing ambience
Food's pretty acceptable too
My only issue with Rabbito' is the mental block of eating in a space with unavoidable random mini balls of bunny poop scattered over the floor, but if the Thai ladies don't mind, who am I to make a fuss?

3. Chicken Rice: Thai chicken rice also nice

There are many great choices of street food right at the junction of Udomsuk Road, especially in the evenings. One of my favourites is the popular chicken rice stall.

40THB for standard, 50THB for special

The usual complaint with Thai chicken rice is the overcooked chicken, but the meat here is tender and succulent. In my humble opinion, I don't feel that a good plate of Thai chicken rice is inferior to those found in Singapore in any way. I have also grown to enjoy the unique chilli sauce in Thailand.

I mixed steamed chicken with fried chicken, generous serving as you can see

4. Stir-fried Yakisoba: Pops of wok-hei goodness

Right beside the chicken rice stall is a place that sells stir-fried Yakisoba (similar to the yellow noodle in Singapore), something rather uncommon along the streets of Bangkok.

This stall sells both stir-fried Yakisoba, and the more commonly-found Suki, both dry and soup

The surprisingly-delicious Yakisoba

The plate of stir-fried Yakisoba was slightly greasy, filled with generous amounts of cabbage and pork. What struck me was the immense wok-hei infused into the noodles, which made every bite really enjoyable. Serving is small though, a standard portion is definitely not enough if you are hungry.

5. Play Plern: Cosy ukulele cafe

On the opposite side of Udomsuk Road, less than 100m into Sukhumvit Soi 66/1, there's a perfect place to chillax.

Play Plern
Play Plern is a ukulele-themed cafe opened by a YouTube celebrity Apple Show. She made a name for herself singing and posting (extremely endearing) ukulele lessons online and this cafe serves also as a training centre for people who would like to take ukulele lessons from her.

Fun decoration and nice drinks
Glad to take a picture with Apple Show and my Udomsuk exploration team-member Wendy

Don't be surprised if you turn up one day to find yourself walking into an impromptu crooning session by Apple Show herself.


There are certainly many more eateries worth recommending around Udomsuk BTS station, and I am already working on a couple of other stations, so please watch this space!

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