Monday, September 7, 2015

Parenting Poem Month: The Singlish aka SG50 chapter

Parenting is not a bed of roses, for every beautiful moment that tugs our heartstrings, there might be more than one contrasting moment of complete frustration, which I believe, will be quickly forgotten, or not.

So here's my rendition of one such instance, spoken silently in my brain, now also silently on cyberspace, in a language that best suits the occasion:

The day is great the sun is high
Finally the clothes can dry

Then someone nudged me on my thigh
"Daddy Daddy, I just bang sai."

Wife look at me, I say chin chye*
But deep inside, I want to cry

Ripped off diaper, he said “Wa!”
Ohhhh that smell
Really can die

“Poopoo mountain, I so lihai!”
Wah lau eh, sibey kana sai

Nuff said. Photo Credit: Busy Chris


Parenting Poem Month is not about parents writing for the sake of writing. Such emotions cannot be faked, and you will not be able to write phrases like these without experiencing them yourselves.

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