Thursday, September 3, 2015

Parenting Poem Month: The Emotional Chapter

I might regret not putting in 20 more hours a week in the office.

I might regret not visiting my customers more often. 

I might regret not going out enough with my friends, who deserve more of my attention. 

I might regret not going to more networking events to know more business associates. 

I might regret not putting in all my time to try push my career to its ultimate limit.

I might regret not trying harder to earn more money.

I will regret not spending more time with my parents.

But what I will definitely not regret, is to have spent as much time as I could, with my growing kids.

Daddies and mummies out there, take a deep breath and devour every heart-felt emotion in this beautiful poem written by my friend Constance last night. If you have walked the path of parenthood, like me and her, I am sure you will be touched by every word, and every phrase:

One day you will no longer be little
You may be so busy that you might forget to doodle

The tiny notes we write for each other
May become fewer but still none the sweeter

My little ones chasing butterflies
Will one day grow, with wings bigger than mine

The endless hours we spend doing everything and nothing
May become rare, all the more precious, these moments fleeting

But for now you are still little
And not so big that I can no longer cradle

Though your big voices are demanding your rights
Your small bodies still want hugs real tight

While you now do so much with your friends or alone
My time is still something that you wish to own

There is no one parent who looks back and lament
"I spent too much time on my kids."

For there will surely be some regret,
if you don't, while you can.


Parenting Poem Month is not about parents writing for the sake of writing. Such emotions cannot be faked, and you will not be able to write phrases like these without experiencing them yourselves.

So thank you my friend Constance, for inspiring me, and inspiring all parents reading this beautiful poem of yours.

*wipes tears*


  1. What a beatiful poem !
    Thanks for sharing Eddie ☺

    1. Thanks Jess

      I just hope when we are all tired and thinking, "why are we doing this", this piece can remind us again that this is the exact thing we will never regret doing,



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