Friday, March 7, 2014

Art in Paradise Pattaya, where imagination runs wild

So, is that it? I'm dead? There are so many things I haven't done.

Pattaya has always, to me at least, been Thailand's Sin City. The beaches are mostly shallow, low class coyote bars spread all across the city and half-naked old Caucasian men stroll along the streets every single day as if it was their backyard. I was told that Pattaya used to be an army base for the US army during the Vietnam War, and goodness knows what they did here during their 'vacations' to make it what it is now.

However, over the last few years, there has been commendable effort to re-create Pattaya into a family destination. Up came many mega shopping malls, photo spots and top-class hotels and resorts. I still did not fancy it too much, but this Chinese New Year, I decided to make it my family's getaway destination while they were in town (my dad had been wanting to visit for a while and it's about time I granted his simple wish).

If you have to go to Pattaya, especially with your family, you really should not miss a visit to Art in Paradise, because, it is to me, a very good summary of Thailand in 1 building: whimsical, creative and absolutely no inhibition to turn ideas into creations. It's difficult to imagine what a 3D art gallery actually is, but boy will it keep you entertained for a good couple hours once you step in.

Noah enjoying a peck on his cheek

Showing off my brilliant fishing technique

Ah sh*t, there goes our coconut juice

Wait a minute, is that elephant actually coming towards us?
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
I sh*t in my pants

I meditated with Noah under the Bodhi tree
Li Li strolled through ancient Ayuthaya
Dad protected his grandchildren from the dinosaurs
Mum became the Angel I always thought she was. Why are you finding it funny, Noah.

Art in Paradise has just opened a branch in Bangkok at the end of February, so now you don't even have to visit Pattaya to immerse yourself in this wonderland.


So what are you waiting for?

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