Thursday, March 13, 2014

3rd couple date in 3 years on International Woman's Day 2014, and it's all about Singapore!

Posing with our cod dish

One of the major drawbacks of having a young family in a foreign land is that couple dates are virtually impossible. Noah is 25 months old now, and over the 3 calendar years, we have only had real couple dates twice, which have been extensively documented here and here. Family members came and went since the last one, but couple time just simply did not materialize for some reason or another, until saviour Miss Li Kunqi arrived last week. So here's a big THANK YOU to her for looking after Noah for a whole afternoon and agreeing to it without even flinching!

My plan for the 6 hours was very simple, and it revolved around making sure Li Li got an opportunity to walk through the brilliant "Hello World!" Exhibition at Emporium's TCDC before it ends later this month. However, exhibition aside, the date became one which felt like it happened in Singapore!

Cherry duck with tea-infused tangy sauce
Lunch was a simple but satisfying one at TWG, which is an up-class tea salon and boutique from Singapore. Food was good (not great), service was excellent and the dessert was decent as well. I had wanted to do a post on TWG a while ago when it just opened but got put off by a waiter telling me that pictures were not allowed. I am glad that they are now more open to customers taking pictures in the restaurant, though I am no longer in the mood to write about them.

Our tickets at the Singapore Film Festival
Gotten after around half an hour of queueing

The highlight of the date has got to be our participation in the Singapore Film Festival. 2 movies were on show, That Girl in Pinafore and Ilo Ilo of Golden Horse fame. Due to timing issues, we could only watch the first one but boy was it entertaining. 

I think it is also worth mentioning that this was our first cinema experience after Noah's birth (no, I did not watch a movie alone or with other friends), and due to it being a film festival, we could not choose our seats and ended up with a location requiring us to raise our heads in the northeast direction throughout the whole movie. It didn't help too, that my seat was faulty and uncomfortable, but ah well, it's free, it's a rare couple date and I got to watch the movie with the director himself, I shouldn't complain too much.

The movie itself though, was quite unforgettable. Set in 1993 Singapore talking about the lives and dreams of JC students linked together by a local folk music movement, it was really nostalgic and brought back a lot of memories, though I think my elder brother might be able to relate even more with the songs. I personally would have preferred a less abrupt end and perhaps at least 1 more uplifting song performance by the cast, but the movie is impressive enough for me to consider buying the DVD for keepsakes.

I will thus like to end this simple post off with a MV of my favourite song of the movie, "黎明的心", youthfully sung by the 3 energetic female leads in the show. Enjoy.

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