Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What Daddy Missed

I missed your first trip to the zoo (and bird park)
Dear Noah

It's been a month now since we parted. 26 consecutive days of working with extensive traveling only served as a reminder to how much I love being with you and Mummy every single day.

I have missed an important month of your growth, and many important moments I wish I could have witnessed with my very own eyes.

I missed you making this expression for the first time.

I missed you negotiating your first successful piece of business

I missed you building your first mega blok figure

I missed you taking a MRT seat all by yourself for the first time

I missed you chomping into a full tin of raisins for the first time

I missed you walking around wrapped in a towel like a real man for the first time.

I was not in your first photobooth picture

I missed you feeding yourself noodles with chopsticks for the first time.

I missed your first real haircut!!

I hope all the unrest would have ended by the time you take your flight back with Mummy and Grandpa next week. You must give Daddy a kiss and promise you will not leave for so long anymore ok? 

Because Daddy doesn't want to miss a thing.


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