Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Baby in Bangkok's maiden journey to Paradise (Park)

Baby in Bangkok, Noah Yii gives an account of his first excursion out of his apartment that is NOT to the hospital:

I have been bored at home for the last 10 weeks. Aside of my cot, my room, the toilet for my daily shower and occasionally (now more and more) the living room, I have only gone downstairs twice for strolls, both of which I fell asleep unknowingly, and a few times to the hospital (I don't like the hospital, they stick glass things into my arse and poke me with needles).

It's the second day of Songkran, I gave my indication of obedience with a high-pitched chuckle and YES, Daddy and Mummy finally decided to be brave and brought me to Paradise Park. The journey there was very exciting, because we have not experienced the annual waterfights before. The grownups looked crazy, but the kids looked even crazier! Luckily we were safely protected from the incessant water attacks inside the car, otherwise we would surely need to go back before even arriving at the destination!

Actually, I believe I have been ready to go out long ago. What else can babies like me ask for? We don't need money, we don't have jobs, we can't talk. All we need is a simple cuddle to keep us happy, and we will sleep, poop, eat, sleep, poop and eat again, ALL of which I did at Paradise Park. I realised that Daddy is a popular man, because every shop we went into, the people inside seemed to know him and were very excited that Mummy and I came, as if they had been waiting for us for a long time. I especially enjoyed it when a little girl kept looking at me while I was pretending to sleep in that bright shop that sells a lot of bags.

Daddy says this shop is a Royal Project started by a kind  Princess to help the poor, I want to marry a kind Princess too

See, I looked so relaxed when Daddy was feeding me, I treat the mall like my own backyard

*facepalm* Of all shops they brought me to the tupperware shop, boring or not
Come on man, a picture in front of a row of yellow ATM machines? You can do better than that!

So, as you can see, my maiden leisure trip was not very exciting, but it made Daddy and Mummy quite satisfied because they ate seafood and ice cream, though I think they would have enjoyed it more if I did not  insist they feed me just as their food arrived.

It was more fun when I arrived back home, because I had a good time playing with the results of Mummy's retail therapy:

Look, I'm juggling with my new cartoon face towels!

How about posing with the cat and fish key pouch?

I wonder when I will be going out again. I am sure looking forward to it, but please, no more tupperware shops!


  1. hehe, this is such a cute account from bb Noah's point of view! Sometimes I wish I could really understand what a baby or toddler's trying to say, it will be so much fun to know how they see our world at such a young age!

    Fang Ting

  2. Haha, I hope that's quite an accurate account of what he thinks!

    And hospital nurses really always stick things up his arse! So mean!


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