Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Last Sunday, the new lead pastor in my church in Bangkok gave me a relatively convincing definition of grace. Before he said this, he admitted that sometimes he is so in awe of this word that he doesn't fully understand it too, but he'll try to define it anyway, so here goes:


JUSTICE = getting the fair result you deserve for what you have done


MERCY = getting less punishment than what you deserve for what you have done

then the logical definition will be

GRACE = getting something good that we do not deserve at all for what we have done

I really do not know how convincing this is to all my friends out there, but when putting it in perspective with justice and mercy, it lets me feel the greatness of God's grace in a more tangible form.

Anyway, I agree that none of us deserve His grace, nor can it be deserved or earned at all. Let's all have faith in Him and may His grace shine upon the earth.

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