Friday, February 5, 2010

A Rare Sentimental Moment

Hi guys....

Been keeping quite quiet on the blog front. My company is going through the phase where we are setting new sales records every month and I can happily say that we have just ordered a full container load of goods! The only problem is that my "warehouse" per say, seems smaller than the container itself.... but we'll take care of it.

I spent the whole of last night living in the past. I had a dream, of taking 4 straight JC exam papers in 4 consecutive days. Mr Sandman did not let me off. He made me sit through the preparations, and one paper after another, until finally I woke up, just in time to not be late for work. What a relief! But then, for the whole day, I remember vividly every detail of the dream, and it's been some sort of a deja vu...

It made me think of the past, and to sort of also miss the times when I was younger, not that I am very old now, but to relive college days again gave me a very special feeling.

In the past 2 weeks, I met up with a friend thrice. She was in Bangkok for 2.5 months for research. We were neighbours for I think 20 years. There were other coincidental indirect linkages between us but I shall not delve too deep into history. The fact is that we were almost physically next to each other for 20 yrs, but we only ever bothered meeting up to catch up now, when we are both married, both not based in Singapore. To be honest, now that she has left Bangkok, I do not know when we will meet again since she'll be completing her PhD in London.

I think in life, countless people pass us by, and sometimes we really do not try hard enough to see who's who, and miss out on many people who might just become our good friends. Or maybe, being humans, we are just too engrossed in our own lives, that we only treasure things that are either rare, or things that we know we are going to lose soon.

Perhaps we just take too many things for granted, and procrastinate, and regret when we do not have enough time in the end.

As I am in a rare sentimental moment, I shall share with all of you this song on my blog by the Beegees. I heard it when I watched Beegees' One Night Only concert DVD, where they sang this song with their late baby brother (the late brother sang in a video that was played concurrently) and it really touched me at that moment.

Sorry, no pictures in this post, can't really find any picture fitting to my blog post today. Thanks for reading on!


  1. haha so sentimental? And yes I'm back where ur sg house is just some metres away! take care n i will visit bkk larh!

  2. i am saying everything in general la.... you were used as an example... maybe i will visit london too in due time!


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