Saturday, April 7, 2018

From 13 to 37: First trip together (to Taipei) after 24 years! #cobrosintaiwan

24 years.

2 full zodiac cycle runs.

288 months.

105,120 days.

6 million 3 hundred thousand 7 thousand and 2 hundred minutes.

My favourite picture of the entire trip. Sunset, brotherhood, sights at 九份.
You would think we would have traveled the world multiple times in these 2.5 decades.


Aside of a visit by them 6 years ago, the closest we had to traveling as a group was nearly 20 years ago to Beijing performing for our secondary school's chinese orchestra (which didn't feel THAT long ago).

Apparently, during the occasional supper/breakfast gatherings the group conducted in my absence (in Singapore), they decided to simply go ahead to plan this trip. This "do-it-or-it-will-never-happen" is the spirit I have grown to love. Eventually, only 3 of us made it, but we made it!

We sacrificed sleep, took red-eye flights from 2 different cities to meet up in Taipei as early as possible and set off on our food journey, luggage and all, immediately.

Our first stop, with luggages and all.

We walked and walked, ate and ate, from daybreak till almost daybreak the following day. Every night, I walked, zombified with them, filled to the brim with whatever Taipei had to offer, thinking we were heading back to our room, only for them to shockingly turn into another shop, for one more meal.

Pretty lady aside, I realised my friends have the skill of eating while sleeping.

Yet, it was during these most physically-draining hours that we poured our hearts out (over mineral water and Ume Plum Juice) and shared the most intimate details of our lives.

It was not all food though, we also managed to catch "Ready Player One".

Of course, we made sure not to miss out the best parts from our respective previous trips to Taipei (while skipping the bad parts), experiencing each other's best memories of the city.

Here, I would like to first, thank Youchun and Junxiong, for being such great company. For a trip like this, cliche as it may sound, I cannot ask for better companions. I am not the best travel partner, I am not easy to please, so thank you, for being such a good sport navigating everyday to find the best dining spots, accompanying me to RAW and spending a precious day with my friends. I hope you guys had fun along the way.

Over-exposed pic of us at RAW, glad to get seats, glad for the company!

Thanks to all my foodie pals for your pointers and recommendations, time and hospitality. Our food trip wouldn't be half as fruitful without your divine interventions and input.

The biggest thanks MUST go to Regine and Li Li, our better halves who blessed us on this trip, weathering everything at home with the little ones, making sure we can have as much fun as possible.

Trust me, we were good boys, we either ate, listened to singing performances, or chilled at 24-hr bookstores when we decided it was not time to sleep yet. Really!!

Lastly, using a special song, let's remember this trip fondly, and know it in our hearts that no matter where our lives' journey take us, our brotherhood shall not waver.

Cheers to more milestones together.


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