Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Could this be the last Goodbye?

This morning, as usual, I helped Noah put on his bag straps and asked him to go to his classroom by himself.

I planted a kiss on his cheek in the accompaniment of a tribute song for King Rama 9 (I haven't gotten bored of the songs yet btw), playing in the background. It's been like this for best part of a year, as the entire country prepares to bid farewell to their father figure tomorrow. This could be the last morning I hear this song in school.

As I watched Noah walk away from me, it was hard not to feel emotional.

For as long as I can remember, I have been waking up every morning, preparing things properly in order to say goodbye to my family. First, my wife, then my son, and finally my daughter, before zooming away into my 'enviable' alone time to fight battles that my family will never know took place.

One of our frequent wefies on the way to school, pictures I hold dearly to my heart.

Noah turned back one last time and waved to me.

What if this was the last goodbye?

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