Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Birthday Letters from Daddy: Ellie is 3!

Big Brother more excited than birthday girl
3 years on, sometimes it still feels like a dream that you are among us. 

Daddy grew up in a family full of boys. I have never understood how it feels to have a little girl in my house. Little girls are pretty, sweet and angelic isn't it? Well, you have proven to be all of that and more.

Unlike your brother, who considers his every action carefully, you are a little daredevil with no care in the world. He spent a best part of 2 years crying in the morning when I send him to school, you protested for hardly 2 weeks, and you barely even look at me when I leave you every morning. So independent, yet so close to Daddy's heart. Whenever I slump at the front door, dejected, you will always appear to give me some hugs, as if you knew I really needed them.

If you can turn into a little genie and be so kind to grant Daddy 3 wishes, first, I wish you will be less picky with your food and start eating more fruits and vegetables. The world of food is so amazing, and your Daddy is spending much of his free time telling the world how fascinating food in Bangkok can be. It disheartens me sometimes to see my little girl rejecting almost every green thing on the plate.

Noah joins in!
Secondly, I wish you will be kind to Noah in all situations. I know he's possessive and sensitive and drives us crazy sometimes, but he wouldn't even think of hurting you. Those screams, shrieks, pushes and scratches are totally unnecessary. Your big brother loves you to bits. Remember, he will be the one who will accompany you for the best part of your life, not Daddy.

I am in love with this picture. Credit: Aroimakmak
Last but not least, I hope you will continue to love Mummy with all your heart. Since the day you were born, Mummy has given nothing but her very best for you, 24 hours a day, everyday. I have not seen her make a decision that doesn't have your well-being as the ultimate priority. Love mummy, make life easier for her. That's the least she deserves. 

I shall not use any of those wishes on myself because you are already perfect. The untidy free-spirit hidden under the covers of your flowy dresses. The sweet, considerate darling bursting out of Noah's boyish old outfits. You delight and surprise me at the same time.

I love you Ellie, you complete our family with all of your kiddy witty ways. I hope you stay healthy, happy and free of worry. 

Happy birthday.


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