Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Parenting Poem: When Parents don't need to Parent

May Day, 1st of May
Office closed, schools not so
You ask me why? I don't know
So off to school the children go

For the 1st time in 5 years
Even when no help is here
My wife and I have half a day
To celebrate the 1st of May

What to do? Where to go?
Not too used to this, ya know
So let's start the easy way
Spend the morn eating away

But there's still a problem, you see
Four hours more, not only three
Oh well, let's watch movie
Guardians of the Galaxy

***************spoileralert ***************

This Peter Quill
Just can't chill
Lost 2 daddies in a day for real
Though what I feel is mighty good
The high screen time of Baby Groot

What great time, passed in a flash
Like the the good ole days, starting afresh
We could eat junk
Watch a bad movie
What's most crucial, the company

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