Friday, January 15, 2016

The 1 and Only Secret to a Great Photoshoot with Kids

Ever since Noah came along, we have made it a point to capture some precious memories of our family with random photoshoots, timed over certain milestones of our kids' development.

Looking back at this journey, I cannot help but feel blessed to have met many talented photographers and make-up artists along the way, who have not only frozen many priceless moments into beautiful pictures, but made the process of shooting with our little kids extremely enjoyable.

After 6 separate shoots over the course of 4 years and 2 kids, I realised the key to having a successful photoshoot with little kids is really very simple: 


Yes, your clothes are important, the mum's make-up is also crucial, but you and I both know that this is really about the kids. If they need to laugh, they laugh, if they need to cry or sleep, or even fight, there is basically nothing much you can do about it. Rather than be stressed over not being able to coax a smile out of your kid, why not go with the flow?

Let me show you a personal favourite from every one of my shoots in chronological order to illustrate my point (disclaimer: these might not necessarily be crowd favourites, but I personally LOVE them to bits).

Noah obviously tiring towards the end of his 5-month shoot. Photo credit: Ohtography

 A priceless expression from Noah at 8 months caught by the camera of Michel Tay.

Noah just being himself with his favourite toy and books at 15 months. Photo credit: Ohtography

Ellie stealing a yawn 2 weeks after her birth. Photo credit: Ohtography

3 months later, Ellie obviously still hasn't had enough sleep. Photo credit: One Eye Click

During Ellie's birthday shoot, Noah basically controlled the entire outdoor shoot with his refusal to let the bubble toy go. Photo credit: Ohtography

Ellie littered her 1st birthday party with her laughters and cries, this was one of her happier moments.
Photo credit: Romans Wong

So as you can see, it's perfectly fine that they do not sport the cute smile they are capable of, or refuses to let go of an overused prop. Every other expression comes from them too. 

The best pictures are not the ones you planned to take, but ones that are the most real.


  1. Some of my best photos are not even sharp, but they capture the mood, the settings and the family moment at that moment :)

    All memories to keep.

    cheers, Andy

    1. A real depiction of the family is better than unwilling fake smiles that's for sure!

  2. thanks for the advance technology ~ smart phone with built in camera that allows me to capture every single memorable moment !

    a picture is worth a thousand words ..

    cheers ~

    1. Hello Jess

      That's true! Our kids have a glut of photos compared to us when we were growing up.

      However I do want some professionals to take pictures of our whole family once in a while because the effect is really not the same.

      Nice to hear from you again!



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