Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Dad's Dinner

I was in a very engaging chat with my brother-in-law in Singapore about apples, phones and other manly stuff until the topic of food came up. I was waiting for my lovelies to be ready for dinner while he was waiting for his lovely to do the same. Then came a picture from him of a plate of calamari. Not wanting to lose out, I promised to send him a picture of my sure-to-be delicious dinner.

We then made our way to the trusty Chabuton, because it works when we are out of ideas. I will never reject a decent ramen fix, while Noah loves their Chasiu-don. But what about my wife? With Ellie in front of her in the carrier all the time, she was likely to forgo the potentially-dangerous soupy ramen again. Determined to give her at least the freedom of choosing ramen, I volunteered to handle Ellie while she ate.

I absolutely love being a father and adore my children to bits, but I do not enjoy every single thing. I am incredibly irritated with feeding Noah, especially when he misbehaves while being fed, which is not uncommon these days. However, yesterday, with the extremely fragrant Chasiu-don in front of him, he ate well. Phew! Inspired by our earlier hour-and-a-half date with the Minions, Ellie took her banana properly too.

But wait, where's the picture I was supposed to take?

Totally forgot!

Scrolling through my phone, these were the only pictures I could find.

One mouth of rice for Noah

One mouth of banana for Ellie
Sorry brother-in-law, these are the only pictures you are gonna get!

Oh, and this GIF.

All of us enjoyed our dinners, thank you very much!


  1. Dear Eddie,
    I certainly understand what you mean 😜
    My little girl just turned one few days ago and can't expect her to well behave herself whenever she is in dining table. My mother / hubby and I always take turn to take our meal in order to pay full attention to her or rather entertain her 😝 I wish she learns table manners soon.
    Two more working days to weekend .. counting down Hehe
    Good day !

    1. Hello Jess

      U are back from your trip to Bangkok already?

      Aiya, my son already 3 lor. I think for boys, maybe 3 years old is worse than 1 year old. I do expect girls to be more obedient though you can never be sure.

      You have a good weekend too and thanks for dropping by!


  2. Hi Eddie,
    Yes, I am back with 100% satisfaction :)
    Eat and shop a lot, of course sweat a lot too haha


    1. I am glad you came Jess.

      Next time, it's time to meet!


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