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[Putting Food on the Table] Like Grandpa, Like Husband

There is this theory that women tend to marry men who are like their dads. I think I married one who is like my late grandpa and I am a very lucky girl indeed. I have never mentioned this to DH even though I have had this thought since we got hitched 5 years ago.

When DH revealed that he wanted to ask me to write a post for his linky 'Putting Food on the Table', the first person I thought of was my grandma who was the masterchef of the house cooking for up to 12 people daily. Then I quickly recalled that the subject needs to be related to a male figure in my life. One person whom I hold dear to my heart is my grandpa as my grandparents were the main caregivers for me and my sister when we were kids.

Here are some of my memories of my grandpa who contributed to putting food on the table in many ways.

  • Grocery Shopping

    Grandma wouldn't have been able to dish out those wholesome meals daily without Grandpa's efforts. Almost every morning, rain or shine, he would walk to the nearby market to buy the fresh ingredients in his immaculate short-sleeve shirt and trousers. He did this even into his late eighties before he had problems with his eyesight.

    Once in a while he would take the bus by himself to markets that are slightly further away. My uncle and dad would tag along to help when he needed to make purchases in bulk. Even though it was hard work, he always appeared happy and greeted us with a smile when he saw us. He did all this out of love for the extended family with no complaint.

  • Tea and Afternoon Snacks

    I grew up drinking tea made by Grandpa. I could drink tea for breakfast, afternoon tea, supper and even in the middle of night when I wake up hungry. Grandpa always prepared the tea meticulously with heart. The cups needed to be warmed before putting in the tea bag with hot water. The balance of sugar and evaporated milk had to be just right. He even counted the number of teaspoons of evaporated milk as he added it to the tea. There were times I secretly wished Grandpa operated a coffeeshop so that I could drink all the tea and eat all the snacks I want.

    Aside of the morning trips to the market, he would also take a walk in the afternoon to buy food such cakes, buns and dim sum for our afternoon snacks and breakfast the next morning.

  • Cooking

    Grandpa didn't have to get his hands dirty in the kitchen when Grandma was wielding the wok, except once. I have forgotten the actual circumstances, but Grandma was not available to prepare our lunch. So ,Grandpa took on the reins and pan-fried some pork chops that were coated with crushed soda crackers, a dish that we often had for our meals. They turned out a tad burnt and I eyed them suspicously, skeptical that it would taste as good as Grandma's version. But I was wrong. The slight burnt gave an extra boost to the taste and fragrance of the pork chops. I enjoyed my meal very much that day and yearned for more such meals whipped up by Grandpa.

    Despite Grandpa's lack of involvement in the kitchen, I believed he was equipped with decent culinary skills. Grandma told me before that Grandpa used to cook boiled chicken and other dishes by himself for the staff at his tailor shop on Chinese New Year's Eve. Impressive.

DH is like my grandpa in the above aspects. He buys the fresh food and groceries, and sinful snacks that contribute to my growing waistline. He makes delicious and rich Thai milk tea for me. He cooks yummy food for our meals.

However, DH and Grandpa are not only alike in the above-mentioned ways. DH is also a kind and caring man, who works hard and provides the best for his family.

I don't intend to make this post one that brings tears in remembrance of my grandpa. Instead, let's celebrate his love and the love of our closed ones!

Eddie, this is my belated Father's day* present to you.

*In Thailand, Father's day is on 5 December.

This guest post is contributed by the Stranger in Bangkok's wifey dearest.

Stranger in Bangkok

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