Friday, June 6, 2014

Dealing with 2

Does love grow with time, or does it multiply?

As September draws nearer, and my little girl's kicks in Li Li's tummy get stronger by the day, I gaze at little Noah sometimes and ponder.

Me and Noah, when he was 10 months old

Over the last 28 months, aside of my time at the office and 4 short couple getaways, I have spent every minute of my life with my firstborn, cradling him minutes after his birth, going every single step of the way with him up till now. My life was just Li Li, Noah, work and pretty much nothing else.

Everyone who knows me would probably know that I had been with Li Li, also my first love, for more than 11 years before we finally tied the knot, so I am a firm believer that love grows with time. It is not logical for me to think that something or someone will suddenly appear out of nowhere and make me fall head over heels in love with it (my son did to a certain extent, attachment still took some time to really develop).

Here comes the question to all parents reading this. If love takes time to grow, does it mean that I will never be able to love my younger children as much as my older ones? How does love simply multiply?

Then, I thought about my work situation here in Bangkok. I came here with a small hand-carry suitcase in 2009 and was tasked to make something happen out of nothing, then in 2013, was thrown with the task to do everything all over again with our second venture in Thailand. Do I, then love one company more than the other? I would say no, because they are both under my care and it is my job to do my utmost best to ensure that they run properly for as long as possible. Will I love a company more eventually because of its heritage or success? Probably, but it doesn't take away my dedication to any one of them.

Maybe parenting is also the same.

Regardless of the absolute amount of time I spend with each child, I am first and foremost, their daddy. 

And maybe that's all that matters.

PS. Looking forward to meeting my little one!

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