Sunday, September 15, 2013

Let's have enough memories to last forever

19-month-old Noah
Dear Noah

2 nights ago, out of nowhere, you spouted your first "I LOVE YOU", complete with actions, almost directly pointing at me with your fingers at the end. Whether or not you meant it for me, or even meant it at all, my heart welled with delight and hugged you tightly for the longest time. It was perhaps the first time you joined 3 words together, and boy was it a good first ever sentence!

I remember a few weeks ago, Mummy wrote me a message telling me her SD card failed again. She was very upset. You did not understand what was going on and kept trying to 'disturb' her while she was working on her computer, finding all means to salvage your lost pictures and videos. I, too, did not realise the gravity of the situation until she hugged you and said, "Give Mummy a bit of time ok? I am trying to save memories of you."

I was reminded to cherish every moment spent with you and Mummy, that though I can do my best to increase our time spent together, every instant is unique and will never come back.

That is what I will do, son, to not only spend quality time with you and Mummy, but to spend quantity time with you and Mummy. Moments will never come back, but let's have many moments, many many moments, so many moments that we will have enough memories to last forever.



  1. Such a sweet blog post. Keep them coming. Parenthood is such a blessing!

  2. How nice! Love your blog post and of course love "Noah" 's T-shirt too! :D

    1. Is this Ni? Thanks a lot for your kind comment!

    2. Yes, it's me! Do you know the meaning of Noah's T-shirt wording? Thought you knew already...^_^

    3. Yes I know! But I did not buy it, 555


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