Friday, February 22, 2013

Proud Achievement at Web Courses Bangkok

*Before I begin, I would like to encourage all of you to read till the end of the post as I have a surprise in store for you that you might like.*

I was never a good student. I achieved good grades, yes, but studying was always because it was something I could do well, or was a necessity, not because I wanted to. I frequently hear friends lamenting about how miserable they feel slogging in the real world and wished they were students all over again, but I am not one of them. I was more than happy to finally graduate and hoped never to become a student ever again (yeah.. I wish).

In a cruel twist of fate, I came to Thailand, and therefore had to attend Thai lessons (though this was mainly out of necessity). I must have been crazy then, to have agreed to attend Web Courses Thailand's Beginner Web Design Course when Carl gave me the call (my company was entering its peak season and I was also attending Thai lessons concurrently). Surprisingly, this stint as a student almost a decade after my graduation became my most refreshing learning experience for as long as I can remember!

Web Courses Bangkok, which has since moved to a bigger better place
First and foremost, it gave me the opportunity to judge for myself what an epic failure Bangkok's Airport Link is. Aside of every station being ginormous yet extremely inaccessible, it gave me an average waiting time of 20 minutes per train. Adding salt to wound, its supposed interchange with the MRT station had me walk in the open for more than 300m before arriving at the MRT station itself, crossing railway tracks in the process. I wonder how tourists with heavy luggages can manage transferring from the Airport Link to the MRT subject to weather conditions (ok, they can't). To attend each lesson, I would have had to take a car ride to the Airport Link, catch a train, cross railway tracks, cut through a MRT station and finally bypass a pier! I am happy to announce though, that since February 2013, Web Courses Bangkok has moved to their new improved location in Sathorn, so my route to a possible next course will be much more direct!

My simple but cosy classroom at the old campus

Secondly, if there was any module in University which I absolutely detested, it would have to be C Programming. Having grown up as a result-oriented student, I never failed to churn out decent results for most subjects during meaningful examinations until C Programming hopped along. No thanks to the hopeless lecturer, it became the only subject in my student-life that I did not care about failing. Due to this anti-programming sentiment adopted since my Uni days, I was pretty worried about how I would be able to manage this time round.

Fortunately, Carl turned out to be more of a friend guiding you along than a teacher. With his vast teaching experience and passion in the subject matter, he managed to make a previously impossible proposition (for me at least) look completely logical. However, it was not all plain sailing. On normal days, I could only find 5-7 hours of sleep, with this 16-hour course cramped in 11 days, I literally had to sacrifice almost entire nights of sleep going through his video tutorials and completing homework given. It was crucial I did so, otherwise it would be meaningless to attend the actual lessons.

Given my previous hatred in all-things-computing-language, making use of Photoshop for graphic design, then basic HTML 5, Cascading Style Sheet in Dreamweaver to successfully create a website from scratch and making it live within 2 weeks was nothing short of a miracle.

Thank you Carl, for making web design fun!
Though I need to learn a lot more before being able to construct a meaningful website, I believe that Web Courses Bangkok has equipped me sufficiently to begin coding journey on a proper note. More importantly, it has given me self-belief to mingle with HTML codes on my blog now to make subtle changes I previously would not have attempted. Because of that, I have plans to improve this page to provide a much more complete reading experience for readers like yourself. Stay tuned.

And because of Carl's LOVE for my humble blog and my LOVE for all of you who bothered to read till here, Web Courses Bangkok and Stranger in Bangkok will be giving everyone a 10% discount for any new course you sign up at Web Courses Bangkok. The ONLY thing you need to do to claim this offer is to mention the Stranger in Bangkok when you sign up. Can't get any easier than that ya? But yeah, if you don't mind, I would be very glad if you would like my Facebook page too (either through here or the nice little button on the top right-hand corner of my blog).

If you ask me, I feel that there are courses available to suit all your needs, and even if you are not in Thailand at the moment, you can seriously consider attending a course during one of your longer holidays here in the future, as the level of training is as good (or better than) as anything you can get in your home country, most likely at a more reasonable price (with additional discount on top!)

Proud achievement! 

Who knows, if you are REALLY lucky, you could end up becoming my coursemate. I assume that's an added incentive to sign up now!

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