Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Stranger's random gibberish after an eventful month

Another month has elapsed.

A lot has happened. Too much, in fact, for me to take. There have been heart-warming moments, and even more heart-stopping ones. I even managed to squeeze a highly-effective whirlwind trip to Singapore in between.

I had thought that the most exciting part of my story in Thailand (work-wise) was the initial part, the ploughing the road alone in a foreign country with a foreign language, sweating and bleeding for the company when no one can actually see what I am doing.... but how wrong I am. Now, it feels like everyday is a battle. I have come to realise that I might be too young and naive to have taken up this job in the first place. Total commitment to the company is one thing, but being strong enough to lead the company through all sorts of unexpected twists and turns is another.

I guess for everyone in any job, there has to be a steep learning curve that we have to overcome to reach the next level, and maybe that's what they mean by experience. But does the process of building up experience always need to be devastating? Do good lessons always need to be expensive? Things have happened, for the better I guess, but they really make me feel that my time in Thailand is not as simple as it may seem, though I take heart that whenever shit happens, there will always be angels appearing out of nowhere to pull me out of the mire and lead me towards a brighter path. That is God's grace, and I am extremely grateful.

I will emerge stronger than ever, more prepared than ever for future challenges. The company is in better hands now, and this pair of hands will just become better and better, come what may.

And there will always be this cute little boy and his lovely mum waiting at home to shower me with shrieks of delight at the end of the day.

That, to me, is more than enough to keep me going.

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