Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Remembering our journey into parenthood

It's a boy!
Just like how I rushed out a post at Changi Airport before my Stranger in Greece honeymoon series, I can't help but do this before my beloved son makes his grand entrance into this world tomorrow.

Li Li and I spent quite a bit of time discussing whether we should commemorate this milestone in our lives by taking maternity pictures. This exercise is quite common in Singapore and good maternity/newborn photographers can be found everywhere, with standards high and prices competitive. This is not so in Thailand though. Most of my friends whom I asked either did not know of any photographers skilled in this area or told me, " I wish I did it". Li Li's extensive online research did not yield many favourable results too, until we found Oh. When we finally decided to take a series of maternity pictures, we had to go with her.

Chatting with Baby in Bangkok
The photo-session was simply-put, more like an enjoyable weekend activity with a group of good friends. We had an absolutely brilliant and relaxing (I bet they didn't feel that relaxed) time with Oh,  make-up artiste Penn and young Friend (yes, her name is Friend), Oh's niece. We chatted about everything under the sun, joking and laughing, taking some pictures in the process.

What impressed me the most was the team's insistence to capitalize on the best angles and lighting to take great pictures. We had spent almost 2 hours in the studio, but Oh saw the excellent evening sun and invited us to the garden of her condominium to complete the photoshoot, and the short stint out in the open resulted in our favourite group of photos from the entire series.

The photos turned out great
Becoming a father is nerve-wrecking. It's a world of unknowns to me. So much of me has changed since I became the Stranger in Bangkok more than 2 years ago, but after tomorrow, my evolution would be complete. I do not know how overwhelmed I will be by the new added responsibility, but I hope I can make use of tools like this blog to invite everyone to share the most unforgettable parts of my journey with me.

Could be my favourite picture of the lot, I love the lighting

Please pray for us, that whatever's gonna happen tomorrow will be a success, and both mother and child will be safe and sound ok? Thank you very much, watch this space!


  1. I love the way both of you smile, the way you embraced Li Li lovingly, the warm lighting,ahhh so sweet. I wish I dit it...hahaha.
    Hope Li Li and your little one are safe. Be prepare for the most memorable day in your life, And the day after tomorrow will never be the same again, I'm sure you'll love it ^___^

  2. Hello Eddie! Congrats in advance! Be sure to post photos of your bb boy! And it's a great idea to take photos like these. They are such precious memories of the pregnancy. The photos are beautiful!


  3. Very nice pics!! Yeah, precious memories there! And welcome welcome little eddie, can't wait to see more pics of him! Congratz to you and your wifey and a big welcome to parenthood!

  4. Thank you everyone for the compliments.

    And yes, I think the pictures really help us remember a milestone, one which has disappeared this morning. But many many more milestones await, it's so exciting!


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