Monday, August 22, 2011

Da Endorphine => The BEST female vocal performer you could ask for

Well hello everyone, been quite some time since I posted something. Been spending the last 2 or 3 weeks getting used to my new neighbourhood, new life with my wife here in my new apartment and a new working environment in my new office/warehouse too. In addition to this lot of getting used to, Li Li and I have been braving consistent evening downpours to meet various Singaporean visitors, which is great but to be honest, a little tiring at this frequency.

In the light of my busy-ness, I really have to spend some time writing about a gig I attended at FLIP Pub (the exact place where I experienced the passion of Bodyslam). Thanks to my Singaporean-turned-Thai friend Wendy, I was convinced to witness for myself the most impressive female live vocal performance in my life by Da Endorphine. If you had watched the video above, you would have figured that she is a little singing powerhouse, and for me, the most impressive thing is that she made everything look easy, as if she is just having a walk in the park. Not many singers (in Asia at least) can give me this feeling aside of maybe Eason Chan (陈奕迅)and Qingfeng (青峰)of Sodagreen. Even my beloved Power Station or Shin would look somewhat constipated hitting high notes during their shows.
Da and her good-looking drummer taking a breather chatting with the audience
Her strong voice means she is excellent at belting rock numbers, but many of her hits are jazzy ballads that she revels in all the same. She doesn't dance, but every wave of her hand or flick of her fringe seems so flamboyant yet spontaneous, I guess she's really born to strut her stuff on stage.

Having won virtually every Outstanding/Best Female singer award available in 2010, Da has gotten the recognition she rightfully deserves. It is therefore wonderful to see a diva like her displaying the humility she did during the gig. She would time and again make conversation with the audience and attempt to shake every reachable hand if she could.
Da's full team making circles with both hands during the chorus of one of her songs
I realised I missed Thongchai "Bird" Mcintyre's concert last weekend while I was scouring through old newspaper articles this morning, and many people could tell you my admiration for the longevity and talent of P'Bird. Surprisingly, I did not feel that disappointed, because while P'Bird was dancing to "Too Much So Much Very Much" at Muang Thong Thani, I was probably having an even better time listening to Da Endorphine at the humble suburb pub.

Looks like Da has a new fan - Me.

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