Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Pictorial Flashback of my 1st full year in Thailand

2010 went by in a flash. In fact, I have never felt a year fly by this fast before. It's been an eventful year, anyone outside Thailand can see it from the global news. For me, it's been a big adventure with many defining milestones accomplished. In January, I did a post-mortem of my first 6 months here, now that December is here and we're sprinting towards 2011, I would like to follow that up by recounting 2010 month by month using pictures, please hold my hand and walk me through this year again....


Somehow managed to get myself into the winning team on Gibthai's Sports Day

Went back to Kuching for CNY and met some nephews and nieces for the first time


Went for a superstar concert on the day the red shirts arrived in Bangkok


Survived the hottest day in Bangkok in decades, 39.7 degrees Celsius!


Hurdled pass my first ever curfew, hopefully my last

Witnessed Spurs qualify for their first ever Champions League, hopefully not their last

Welcomed my first real guests to Bangkok, not that I did a good job of taking care of them

Sent wedding gifts to Li Li's family

In the midst of marriage prep, set up our online lifestyle mall
SEPTEMBER --- the BIG month that will forever change my life

Took Li Li as my wife for the 2nd time (after ROM) on 911
And again for the 3rd time on 18 September, this time in Kuching
Became Uncle in Bangkok to Rene Yii Qian Ying, my lovely niece whom I held in my hand just once


Confirmed that my warehouse space would increase 10 times to 806m2 within a year of operation
Took care of my mom in Bangkok for the first time


Became a Krathong hawker on Loy Krathong!!!

Witnessed a blissful wedding take place to a couple of dear friends in Bangkok

2010 has been the ride of my life. With 2011 right around the corner, I shall savour every last bit of this exciting journey before embarking on another one.

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