Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hammering our way towards 911

The rainy season has finally come. It's come a little late for many farmers in Thailand, whose baby crops have already died before the heavens opened, but at least it has come. It's been raining mostly at night though, so I would like to call this a rainy-after-sunset season.

Unfortunately, my business is seasonal, and the lowest season arrives when the rain comes. Therefore, while being happy for the farmers, I am struggling to make ends meet for the company as a result. Thankfully, there have been small but consistent orders coming in, so the blow isn't catastrophic-YET.

Back to the main point. Though I am physically in Bangkok, my heart and mind are well and truly elsewhere these days, because I am tying the knot (I know, many "finally"s are ringing in your minds) soon and I am frantically trying to put together as good a wedding day as I can though I am not in Singapore and Malaysia, where I will be holding 2 separate banquets during back-to-back weekends. It's been mission impossible so far, but I have to make it work!

As a countdown to the big day, I shall bother my readers by preparing you guys towards the wedding itself, including some important information, pictures, updates and all. Come on, it's once in a lifetime for me, share this joy with me for the next 7 weeks ok?

Firstly, yes, my wife-to-be is the lady who has been supporting me through thick and thin for the past 11 years, Li Li, still her, and will always be her.

Secondly, for those who do not know, we have had our ROM on 14 November 2009. It was a simple ceremony and lunch shared with immediate family and close family friends, so it was quite a low-key event.

Thirdly, our wedding in Singapore will be held on September 11 at Peony Jade- Keppel Club this year (yes! 911! you can't forget now! you have to come if you receive my invitation card!), followed by another one in my hometown, Kuching on September 18 (the following Saturday).

So, we're well into preparations and I am sure it September 11 will be a great day for us and all involved. That's all for a start, more to come!

Because we're hammering our way towards 911!

Wedding trivia of the post:
My banquet location in Kuching is called Bangkok-Thai Seafood Restaurant, really apt man!!


  1. Do you know where I can learn how to play ERHU in Bangkok? Are you still in BKK?

  2. Hello, I am still in Bangkok, u are?

    Unfortunately, I have not played the instrument for ard 10 yr now and I have only been in Bkk for only a yr so am not familiar with the music schools here.


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