Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Ellie's Book of Jokes Vol. 1

The wit and humour of the little one at home. Photo Credit: Ohtography

Love You One Hundred
"Daddy, I love you ONE HUNDRED!"
Me, "then what about mummy?"
"I love mummy INFINITY!"

Because I Love You
We were walking to the BTS station when Ellie asked for my to 抱抱(carry) her.
"Ellie, are you tired already?"
"Then why do you need me to carry you?"
Pulls me down and whispers in my ear, "Because I love you."

Afraid Of What?
"Ellie, are you afraid of Daddy?"
"Hah what?"
"Are you afraid of Daddy?"
"Afraid of what?"

Make You Lonely
Ellie came out of the room and closed the door behind her.
Noah opened it soon and asked, "Ellie, why did you close the door?"
"Because I want to make you lonely."

Impromptu Bedtime Poem
I slept with the kids early last night,
My wife then joined us, to my right,
Pushing Ellie further wide.
The little girl woke up and cried,
"Daddy! I'm falling down the side."
"Ellie Ellie," I clarified,
"Just lie down close by my side, 
And hold on to me real tight.
I'll make sure you'll be alright."
"Ok," she said, then she slept tight.
All the way till morning light.

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